Tips for Platinum tier assault?

I can’t seem to beat platinum level 5 and 6, I put riders on Kelvin, Rizar and the fire sorceror but I can’t get through, any suggestions?

People suggest to use divine drags for plat.

To finish those, I end-up in Quetz and Rizar/Kelvin, all with riders. With Quetz, I’ve ignored mages and destroyed flaks and other attacking towers - kept mages intentionally to attack from long distance, while not in range of high-dps towers. That allows to reach island 7 or so, leaving just several mages behind. Then the rest was cleaned up by Kelvin or Rizar.

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If you can get the stutter on 6, should be possible with rizar

I used rizar

Rizar is enough, just focus on killer tower first

Thanks everyone for the advice, I had to put a rider on rizar.
I don’t have any divines on platinum (I think?)

I just used a gold dross and completed it easily. I did have rider gear on him however