Tips for seasonal rewards

I am level 38 player. I have unlocked till Platinum egg for kullecid. Should I continue this line or go for another reward line?

1st question. How do you feel about him? If you enjoy flying him, IMO it’s better to continue.

I am having fun flying kullecid so far

Continue with him. Always better to stick to 1 line

But, won’t it take me multiple seasons to reach higher tiers?

Given current tier based discounting, it’s even possible to blast through a few in a season.

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That’s the point, it’s better to have a dragon to stick around for when you are a higher level :grin:


depends on how much time or money -or both- you can afford to put into the game.

Depends on how much you like the dragon you already have and how if the other season dragons suck
In my opinion kullecid is a good dragon to keep for the long run. The warrior this season really bad the invoker is maybe ok and the festive dragon looks good but didn’t fly him. So if you want another Devine I’d try a new one at sapphire stone if not go as much as possible

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Yes you will progress fast. But I’m in agreement taking the dragon as far as you can is better unless there is another dragon that just seems more fun to you.

You want at least one strong dragon to fly. Kull is good for that. Having this strong dragon last you ages frees you up to go for riders next season, or dragons that are just fun


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