Tips On Atlas Events?

Hey, does anyone have any tips on any of the following things? …
• How to max out points in atlas events (leveling primes is probably my hardest one)
• What defense gear to go for and what not to go for
• How to get more glory and more crafting shards

I’m a level 78 and I just joined an atlas team about two weeks ago. I have been doing pretty good in my honest opinion, got over 200 speedups this atlas event with 250K points, but I would like to do better. Also, does anyone know how I can get XP on my primarch for the primarch leveling event?


Atlas elite can be a huge help if you can afford it. Mostly for better troop training abilities. The shard bonus is unlikely to be a large source of shards unless your team has a good amount of land and high level infrastructure.

Many people save some troops to revive in between training events. Reviving gives more points for your time, hats, and gold than training new troops. Just make sure not to get too close to the cap on your revive pool in case you need to defend your team

For prim leveling event, remember that leveling Atlas riders also counts. Use diamonds for gold if necessary

For gear event, craft new gear whenever gear event is not running and then do upgrades when event is on. Now that elite is craftable, the ability to select shards instead for Altas season gear lines is an attractive option

Mehaten is a popular perch dragon as it’s the lowest tier mythic warrior, so fire gear. The warrior class’ perch boost is generally considered the best from what I have seen, ranking even legendary warriors over the mythics from other classes. Some people choose to get a mythic seasonal dragon so they can evolve it as their perch allows but this is not realistic for a lot of players. If you aren’t able to get enough pearls for your perch to keep up with the rest of your towers it’s fine to stick with a lower tier dragon. Earth is also not a bad choice as iirc it’s used the least as a secondary element for other types of gear

Shards I already covered. For good glory learn what makes a good matchup for different primes by looking at their stats. E.g. attacking a destroyer using a trapper is usually bad because a destroyer has moderate defense and a trapper has low attack. Also remember that while you get glory based on your kill ratio, it is capped by 1.5x the number of troops you lose. So while attacking an enemy sieger with your own sieger is a good way to lay down the hurt (high kill/death ratio), you won’t get very much glory for your effort (you will probably reach the 1.5x cap but get a small amount of glory each run because you lose so few troops)


Thanks for everything!

I suggest you check out WD geeks webpage. There’s a lot of great info there and more than just atlas.

Also, Mechengg has a number of spreadsheets on this forum about gear requirements and a glory calculator.

I believe someone else (orca?) did a rider comparison.

All are searchable

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It’s not me. Morreion does.

Oops, sorry to both of you

I’m not a seasoned atlas player by any stretch but my view is that everything stems from troops building. I will come at this from a perspective that you will be attacking people in No Man’s Land.

  1. Build troops, get more gold, build more troops, rinse repeat

  2. Once you’ve built troops, go and get glory by attacking people in NML (No Man’s Land).

  3. Do not heal troops outside of troop building event (unless you’re going to go over the limit) - I believe healing troops gives more points per hat than building troops in events. Once you’re healed all your troops, build more troops.

  4. Once you’ve built up glory start working your way through the Atlas season lines for resources (save your gold packs for primarch levelling)

  5. Do not level your riders or primarchs outside of event window.

  6. Regarding gear, my tactic is to constantly craft gear (in main game) outside of gear levelling event. At the moment, I only keep Legendary or Elite. Do not level gear until gear levelling event.

  7. Again, just me, but I am now not levelling any gear below Elite. I’m likely to replace all other gear so not going to waste resources levelling it.

  8. Think big picture. What is your goal? Sometimes maximising points in Atlas events will harm your long term plan. An example of this being levelling gear you’re unlikely to keep moving forward.

This is just how I do things, I’m sure others do things differently and most likely do things better but this works for me.


Juno (:wink:) what you’re talking about for sure.

:+1: good advice


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