Tips on Hauheset?

Hello everyone, and I hope you all are having a wonderful morning, afternoon, night, whatever it is for you. I just bred Hauheset last night, and have been practicing with her (after doing my XP runs). I’ve been doing pretty decent for a beginner, but I still need lots of practice, and I was hoping that some of you all could pass on a few tips. Also, I’ve experienced this thing where the fire flak shoots after it’s been destroyed by ember (which I know is totally normal). How do I avoid this? I have also, one time, sanded down a blue mage on a rage drain island, and the blue mage fired anyway (and it was not even firing during the sanding process). Is this some kind of glitch? Overall, I will be practicing Hau every day until I can master her and go to even greater heights, hopefully someday (even if I’m still below level 250) attacking up in diamond league!

stick an invincibility shield on.

it just does that sometimes.

watch videos to get the timing of stuff right.


here’s something in song form, arguably the best way to learn anything


:joy: thanks! I’ll definitely look into that song lol

So congratulations on breeding Hauheset, she’s a very good dragon if flown right.

To be able to use her on any base you need to learn 4 basic skills :

  • Learn how to sand the blue mage very very early on the corner ;
  • Learn how to blink ;
  • Learn how to recast time shift quickly after your first blink ;
  • Learn how to reverse ;

So let’s go on details for each one of them :

Sanding early will depend on where you aim your sand and what island you are in. Here are some pictures that will help you learn when to sand depending on where the blue is.

Note : a front blue will have a different timing than a back one, you can sand way earlier the back blues. Also if the sand doesn’t stick it means that you are sanding too early.

Learn how to blink : basically blinking is just cloaking right before the blue mage recognizes you and at the moment when towers fire, it’s a very tricky timing that you need to find by yourself, I’ve made a video that you can watch here on how to blink, I’ll post it here bellow.

How to recast timing shift just when it appears isn’t much hard, you just need to look at the blue, when the blue mage lights up tap on time shift again, or you can look at the sand animation : as you can see the sand will go from down to up, when it’s fully up just time shift again.

Now, how to reverse, I’d be dedicating a video about it to show you how to reverse, but it has to be the last thing you should look at, perfect everything I said above so you can move to this one (the video will come soon).

There’s no points on trying to learn how to do many things at one time. Take your time and learn step by step, this is how you could success on learning how to fly her. Don’t give up on learning, it won’t take you 10 healing to attack max bases, it will take you some thousands healing potions to get that level, you will have to work hard, and any good flyer will tell you the same.

With hauheset defense power means nothing, because if flown right nothing can touch her, and this is what you want to look for, so always unboosted hauheset on lvl 400-600 bases.

I’ll finish that with a quote : Don’t think you are, know you are.


That’s my main problem. I sand the blue mage too late. Either that, or (as a beginner…) I panic and don’t sand at ALL.

I thought this would be easy because I have Kullecid, but now I realize Hau and Kull are WAY different.

I’m always late on this too.

And I know how to do this already as well.

That makes lots of sense. Thanks for the pictures and explanation!

I do watch your videos on YouTube, thanks for making them!

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I’ll just say that you think you know how to do that, but I think you are wrong.

There’s many timings and tricks with Hauheset’s Rewind!

  • Do you rewind immediately just before the blue mage can disable your cloak?
  • Do you cancel the cloak as soon as possible when you’re safe to slow her down and manage your rage to the best?
  • Do you wait til the last moment to rewind?
  • Are you sure your Rewind strategy is fit for different blue mage placement? Long Islands, small islands, any islands?

I’d say rage management is also a crucial part to learn how to fly her imo. Maybe not at the beginning, as it’s easier to manage against short bases even without good rage runes, but you must be wiser for long islands :wink:

Hopefully it makes sense and I’m not talking like a noob… I’m far from expert with Hauheset but I remember watching better flyers than I using similar tricks…


Hmmm, I’ll consider thinking about that.

To dodge fire flak after shots cloak when you see it air. You can spot it and cloak if you are fast enough.

You have to work on that, there’s no shortcuts to able to do it, pick up a base that you can hit multiple times (100-200 times in row without any issue, like teamless players), the base must have a blue mage otherwise it will be useless to attack it. And try to push it to the limit until you sand the earliest possible.

Kull and hauheset are similar, if you can well hauheset, you’ll be able to fly well kullecid too, because sand can be substituted as syphon strike, and the blue cloak as bloodmist, although kullecid will be harder to fly after since he’s not in time shift like hauheset is. Also keep in mind that blinking is dodging, what I mean by blinking is dodging the first shoots of towers by cloaking before the blue mage disables the time shift. You can hold the time shift, and release it when you want to blink, this will help you to be more precise, and be able to counter some none enregistrer time shift.

You know the trick now, so work on it.

You mean all blue mage positions ? Because I doubt about it, as @Kardul meant to say it’s not something very easy to do and it has so many variant, most of the good flyer that I know was struggling at the beginning when they got hauheset and listening it’s something consistent, it’s not usual :sweat_smile:, are towers hitting you or start firing after you tap on rewind ? If it happens so you are doing it wrong, if you were to hit a max base you will die on the first island. Work on your timing on that to get it, although as I said I’ll explain how to do it soon. Also if you are able to do it without getting at all and it’s consistent, congratulations :grin:.

I hope it will help you.

It’s a pleasure to do them, thank you :grin:.

And last thing focus on sanding early, on blinking and on recasting shift very fast, and this is what matters nowadays, you only use the reverse in a certain type of situations, and it’s very rare to do it.

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Depending on the device and resolution, the pictures aren’t super helpful. They’re probably good if you use an iphone but that’s about it.

I know how to do that. Ember doesn’t have cloak tho, so I can’t do that at all.

That’s a really good strategy. I’ll have to try that.

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That’s true, but it’s always good to have an idea on where to aim, basically on iphones and ipad it’s same as the ones I shared, on android it might get different depending on the device you are using, but it’s not much much far.

You can blink it

That’s what I tried to say but he said he already knows and Ember doesn’t have cloak so…:woman_shrugging: Use an invincibility shield or (I’m not sure if you can) equip a cloak.

Ember does have a cloak if evolved. If not, use enki. He’s just as good as ember and has a free cloak.

His ember won’t last too much longer unevolved anyways. DG at red tier will not kill end games towers. Especially when cleaning up a base in diamond from hau.

Ember can equip cloak when in red tier. I used to do that before I evolved to get cloak.

But as was mentioned red ember cannot take max towers, so use another. Although by the time he gets enough practice he will probably have renard to clean up.

An additional video for hauheset.


Thanks @Burger ! You got that in JUST before the thread was about to close :joy:

Thanks for the video. I’ll definitely apply those skills whenever I have some free time to fly her!

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