Tired of Atlas Politics - Join the Pirate Powerhouse

You heard the rumors and yes it is true DarkWinds has chosen another path , a path that lets us have our identity and principles untouched . You all know us as a powerhouse , we put a good fight .

To those who still have questions unanswered since you have sent me hundred of messages . Here you go some answers .

  1. We dont belong to a side anymore , we will hit everyone and everything .
  2. We did this cause we hate mega alliances and the social toxic aspect of them
  3. We want to experience the true meaning of War , by warring everyone in atlas .
  4. We still will be a powerhouse in pvp so those who stay/ apply to DW will still have to meet standards
  5. No rules whatsoever in atlas , just a free to hit everything and everywhere

To those who still lie to themselves deep down there are a lot of you who want to hit some of their so called "allies " so there you go this is your chance :smiling_imp:

Oh we will still do conquers for sport :smiling_imp: so consider us as the first high legitimate pirate team :crossed_swords::anchor:🪝

If you want to join the cause feel free to apply :muscle:

P.s : I forgot to mention pirates means no bonuses from atlas at all so that translates as longer troop building time , less golds and no daily tokens . However the players we expect to stay this route will be smart enough to calculate these bonuses are minimal and grindable to the fun and freedom of being free .

Put respect overall :pray:

Cheers Eff


Soon There will be a pirate mega alliance as well :joy:. Many many teams will join you soon. This game is so unbalanced specially atlas and still PG Is focus in adding more visual glitches and useless stuff like this latest attempt to have us open all our chest for a portrait :laughing: hahahaha.


It’s almost like increasing offensive tactical play on a defensive map has a price!
Yep piracy :man_shrugging:
And I seem to remember some smart a** said that would happen months ago!
Yep! That soon the top teams will be setting down castles and moving to priacy on that map!
Oh wait that was me! :rofl:

So how are we doing now?:pirate_flag:




Get out of my thread :speak_no_evil:



I know very little about the politics…but I like pirates as long as there are sea shanties and rum

Pg didnt create mega alliances but teams themselves , I dont blame PG I blame the alliances.


Congratulations on your newfound freedom!




freedom is what i choose, means choose
but freedom is you

Arrr good luck with your pirates life :pirate_flag:
It was really fun for me,
Off topic: why does the dragon in the post has an aquarium in his neck


Cause was so cool :star_struck:


I look forward to this.
Very much.
As an ex pirate but in the lowe leagues. I very much look forward to a dominating fearsome pirate team.
Hope y’all disband those big teams that get theit glory only from swapping


Kill all the swapper lol


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Who at the PG box office thought castle update was a good idea ? TOP 3 primes my butt this is how you waste more troops and add stagnation so yeah the mega alliance is dead all hail the Armageddon of pirates

Jokes on you I’m one you all can be toxic as hell cause idc

Unfortunately not as active when swapping

arrghhh! matey! :pirate_flag:
I tried to warn dem land lubbers!:man_shrugging: :rofl:

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ARRRR Capt. Eff! Does that mean yer are leavin yer 5ta or AARRRR they followin ye to the pirate life?

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Ya can read @Evrlast