Tired of beeing targeted by a known WD hacker

@PGCarlos PG lately banned a known WD hacker known as A217 or Max. This doesnt stop him to create new accounts to continue. Is it possible(which should) to log down his bots and hack tries by filter IP adresses? Hes a threat and hacked many accounts and line groups in the past. And something need happen. Report or block isnt working as he keeps creating new accounts to Continue his stuff. Its not only me, he tries to attack many accounts in the game.

Do something against this,its a damn game!


What is he doing just being annoying or stealing information?

Ive reported him via ticket a dozen times. They say to block him. They dont understand he is legitimately an exploiter and you cannot block 100 accounts.


He is known as a hacker for many accounts in game…

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I think pg should ban ppl for making death threats, yet your still here.

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Thought 10 accounts for some people was bad but I look at this and this is just ten times worse.

Looking into this player now. Please continue to report them to me and the mods. Sorry about that!


Just look at the name of this account now. It says all. Several of our ta and friendly teams are beeing targeted by him.
Thanks for that quick Response @DragonPunch
Its been going since 2 weeks now.

Something needs to be done about mailing make it impossible to mail people with a blank message or something that can prevent spam mail.

@DragonPunch He also advertises that of his hacking services on other platforms an offers it as a service. Says he knows you cant do anything about it. He currently spams and tries to hack me as well.


Some more spam proof for you tho. plus 100 messages each time



Please continue to DM me screenshots and usernames of the alt spam accounts that pop up. Our team is currently looking into this.


His main was A217 and lately Max on team Seven Eleven if that helps.


Closing this thread out. If you have any info, please DM me.

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