Tired of being monitored, and scrutinized...?


LFM – level 200+


Language: English
Time Zone: US, Europe, Australia
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Suggested
Dragon Roster Includes: Lvl appropriate

Are you tired of having every move scrutinized and judged? Stressed about having to check all the right boxes, hit all the right goals and setting your alarm clock just to check in game???

WARriorxDragns, always looking for active but laid back players.
LINE chat with plenty of teachers if you’re uncomfortable with Atlas. Usually 1st place in Atlas events. Plenty of castles, with resources to share and help each other to grow
We are fiercely competitive, but realistic. We don’t have set quotas in events to stay on the team, we count on you being smart enough to know what you’re doing, and that you bring your best.
This is a team of 50 players and we all pitch in, not a team of 5 officers and 45 dependents.
Expect goofiness and adult themes, but no drama queens.
If you enjoy the game and can balance it with RL, apply, …even if full
Bring your A game, and we’ll do the same.


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:scream: Someone has beaten Dread!!! …


I am sure atlas events have different Tiers, and you can be first place in it without having to be anywhere close to dreads or any other diamond teams scores :eyes:


He did say 1st in Atlas event, not 1st of the tier in Atlas event.

p.s. Does anyone know whether Atlas event tier is separated from Atlas Influence rank?


The global rank for the previous event sets the tier for the next event.
So if you crush an event one week, you face tougher teams the next week.

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