Tired of staring at screen for hours during wars

Dear PG and forum moderators: If there is one thing IMHO that is causing people to quit (or at least wish they could quit!), it is the current system of defense points during wars, which requires teammates to stare at their phones for hours to catch fleeting war banners. I realize this has been brought up in previous posts; however, no satisfactory solution has been put forth from the forum community nor from PG. Please, let’s all take this seriously because frankly it really sucks! Some previous suggestions, all nixed:

  1. First team to 250 wins. Period.
  2. Rather than D points, the tie breaker is the “underdog”
  3. Count the number of dragons used, instead of defenses
  4. Count the number of dragons killed, instead of defenses
  5. Count the number of decoys used.
  6. Limit the number of attacks each player gets including decoys. After say 5 (arbitrary), you are done for the war. Not my favorite.
  7. Give defense points (if we keep them) for undefended bases that take a dragon down and/or don’t result in 5 flames.
  8. An overtime tie breaker (i like this!). Top five vs top five or something.
  9. Ties broken by total number of attempted attacks.

Not an exhaustive list of what I’ve found in the forums, but PG, with respect, the current system is broken. Few like it; most hate it. I look forward to a thoughtful discussion from PG and the WD community. Cheers, knox


I agree, I hate feeling like I have to either stare at my phone all day and night or let my team down.
#2 is how it used to be and was a lot more fun imo.
The reason it was changed to what we now have is that the top top teams (mostly the top 1 I think) didnt like losing rating points from being tied by underdogs. While I do agree that the change is fair and means the best team wins outright, I am curious if any members of Dread would revisit their stance now that the tiebreaker has been in place for a while.
The tiebreaker really didnt change the pecking order at the top, it really just increased the gap between one team and the next. Dreads was #1 before and they still are, just now theres such a gap that they get almost no rating from any of their wars and maybe have little incentive to declare much aside from giving themselves something to do.
What do you think @Panda ? I think we would agree that its definitely fair this way, but is it more fun and exciting? I feel like most would say no.


Sleep is for the weak.


Given other teams have had more max bases and we’ve beaten them anyway, how do you define underdog? :woman_shrugging:t3: Sounds a lot like people want to shortcut teamwork and dedication.

Underdog as in the team with lower rating. And dont get me wrong, i totally agree teamwork and dedication should be a huge factor, I just personally feel that equating dedication to staring mindlessly at your phone for hours and hours on end just in case theres a banner/wave takes a lot of the fun factor away.


Where did you find this statistic?

Lol, unfair to anybody that lives outside of the US due to the timezones.

Lol, All diamond and sapphire 1 wars are 250-250 at the end… Meaning the higher rating team would never be able to win…

Isn’t this again going to be predicated by you watching for Defense banners in order to maximize the dragons used by the other team?

Isn’t this again going to be predicated by you watching for Defense banners in order to maximize the dragons your team kills?

How do you distinguish whats a decoy and what is a regular hit?

People in USA will again have advantage because they can catch teams sleeping and use up their 5 tries and succeed before the other team is ready to try their 5 tries.

I think this is a solid idea, this would actually limit the use of decoys and people would have to think about using decoys.

Not a huge fan of this because you would have to shorten the war to lets say 22 hours and leave the last 2 hours for overtime… Again people in different regions of the world might not be up at that time…

Again you will be staring for the banners in order to maximize the number of the attacks they need in order to 5 flame a base…

After all of this…

Where did you find this statistic?

If you don’t like defending and competitiveness, go back to sapphire or platinum or gold…


@Coach is preparing his manifesto


This is not true.

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Ok maybe not in sapphire. But in Diamond 1. Yes… And if it doesn’t its because the other team at 250 already has more defenses so there’s no reason to get 250… If underdog always won, they would not need to worry about defending at all, just get 250 poitns… Which is easy in Diamond…

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Nope. Just nope

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What a load of BS. Sounds like loser talk to me.


Nope, theres plenty of non 250/250 wars in D1

Due to the fact that the other team got 250 and has more defense poitns so the other team has no reason to hit anymore… I edited my post…


Lol ok if not enjoying having my phone attached to me 24/7 looking for banners makes me a loser, then im a loser. Look, im trying to discuss, not insult :roll_eyes:


Ok yes, but saying its easy to get 250 on any team in d1 isnt true, it used to be much more true but is way less so now.

No, you specifically made this about one team. Trying to alter rules because we win fair and square is just cowardice.

It would be easy man, you don’t have to worry about defense points, you can try on and on and on and on until you get the lucky undefended base etc… Trust me, it would be really easy because you don’t have to worry about the defense points factor.

I remember Dread having wars where they win with 800 defense points with at 250-250 score… So they should lose every war because they will always have higher rating? Lol

Thats literally not at all what im trying to do. Only reason I mentioned dreads specifically is because i thought members would have the most insight into the differences between how it used to be and how it is now

There are really very few teams who can get 250 on dreads currently, regardless of how many attempts you get. Im not saying going back to how it used to be is the perfect solution, just that its less fun now because of the def points mechanic. Afterall dreads was the best team then too, and they were #1 in rating to reflect that, so to a large degree things were working I would say.

Ok I’m lost now… so what do you propose to be done?

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