Tired of staring at screen for hours during wars



Haha, well I wish I had a perfect solution. I just saw the OP and agreed and was trying to get some insight from teams who have experienced the extremes of both ways, the most notable being dreads. Didnt go so well…:man_shrugging:t2:


Should just give the high-end towers the teeth they deserve and the automatic 250/250 wars become a thing of the past.


You are in a highest possible league. It is supposed to be hard and demanding. I bet I can find 20 teams that would die to swap places with your team and wouldn’t mind putting in the effort needed in order to stay in D1. In my opinion it’s not supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be hard to stay in D1. If it were easy and didn’t require much time i would have stayed in Diamond instead of going down to Sapphire. My work doesn’t allow me to be on for hours to defend.

I think people get complacent, stop wanting to put in work but still want to reap the benefits of being in the leagues they are in.


woah coach! what about my post asked for such a nasty reply. you missed one very important thing. i said these were ideas i’ve seen put forth in other posts. none of them were mine. as for my competitiveness, i’ve served as an officer in the top 10 diamond teams for a year.


I agree. Nowhere did I say it should be easy. Why assume that not thinking its fun to stare at my phone for 10h straight and then sleep with it on vibrate equates to complacency?


I apologize for not recognizing that this is just a summery of other people’s ideas.

On the other hand, being an officer in top 10 diamond teams why would you bring up some of those ideas even up? You could of vetted them before posting them rather then putting your name behind them. It’s obvious that some of those ideas wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever.

I apologize if my response was nasty and offended you.


I guess what it boils down to, at least for me, is that wars used to be more about attacking and less about defending. And now its kinda the other way around (though both were/are certainly important in both cases). And I thought it was more fun how it used to be, and teams were still ranked how they should be just less of a point gap between them.
I dont think either way was perfect, they both have their pros and cons. I just enjoyed one more, thats all. And I know theres others who feel the same.
If most like it better this way, then great lets keep it as is, guess was hoping to hear from more and find out.


no worries, i didn’t make it this far in the game caring too much what people said ;). My intent on posting all of the ideas was to give a summary of the ideas that had been put forth before and failed – so that 1) people wouldn’t see some history of the discussion at a glance, and 2) just to get people thinking about alternate solutions; to get the dialogue started.

Not sure what to say about people thinking they have massive dedication for being about to stare at their phone for hours at a time. I’m simply saying it’s not fun, and I think most users would prefer to have fun rather than boredom. That’s why we game, isn’t it?


Take anything you do in life and try being best at it. It comes with sacrifices, huge sacrifices. Both you and @NotOwl are at the top of the player base, playing in the highest possible league.

To be the best athlete in the world you have to give up so many things, sleep, socializing, doing fun things etc so you can wake up early and work on being great as an individual or as a team. Some things you have to do to become great are not FUN.

Same as in this game, it would be unnatural if it was easy and everything was fun in order to be at the top and maintain the top position. (In this instance staying in D1). If it is not fun for you to stare at the screen and do those things you can go down below to D2 or S1 where that is not needed. :slight_smile: Obviously you will not get the same benefits as if you were in D1 but that is up to you as a person. Would you rather get maximum possible rewards while doing some things that are not fun or would you rather get lesser rewards but have more fun…

It is life…


Well sitting and waiting for banners isnt hard. A monkey can do it. Would be cool (and more fun, i bet) if wars were more dependent on things that ARE hard, that you have to study, and practice; things like base design and attacking effectively.
Simply having more people online at the same time and for extended periods shouldnt be as big of an advantage as it is imo.


This seems like a pure all 250 flames problem in D1-D2-S1 with all expert end game dragons. For us at lower levels, it is still about studying, practice and attacking effectively.


The defense counter is still better than ties. If teams warred then, you would still have to sit and stare to try and win. Except when teams “tie”’ it somehow means that the teams are equal, which they aren’t.

I think a better system with the better team winning is something to look at but ties was the same system but with less significance on being better as a team.


Yeah, if there was a way to kinda take the best features of both and mesh them together, it would be cool. So it was more about skill, teamwork, and yes, size and $ spent; and maybe less about being able/willing to spend all hours of your day logged in and waiting for something to happen. And with the better team winning outright, as they should.


Pretty much. I just don’t have that way haha. Atlas wars?:sweat_smile::joy:


Its true that first to 250 isn’t fair for timezone reasons. How about if wars started soon after the declaring team declares?


Nooooo :joy: damn you. Actually I can think of a way, but its basically the way another game does it, and would end up in far far less consumables used, which ofc would hurt the bottom line for PG…


Maybe, I missed the suggestion…


Team with the least amount of attacks to get 250 wins?
Team A 200 attack’s Team B 201 = Team A wins?

This would then mean more skill and tactics would be required and teams wouldn’t just mass attack and decoy all the time?
Defense points would still make sense because every defend would count against the other team.


Fair, yes, but i dont see how it addresses the issue brought up by OP. Its really really close to what we have now.


That would also mean internet issues or lag from PG servers will screw up wars royally in broad daylight.


I don’t mean to intrude but most of the suggested changes don’t seem to matter when it comes to having to look at your phone. What’s the difference between defense points and “dragons used” and “total attacks”? Either way you’ll be sitting there waiting to help make them use more dragons and more total attacks, instead of going for defense points, right?