Tired of staring at screen for hours during wars




How about this…


Random coin flip? Which ever team gets head wins?


What if the coin lands on it’s side?


Both teams lose 10 levels from all their dragons. :joy:


Are you thinking Clash of Clans? I can’t remember how they settled ties. Certainly there are other pvp games out there with a better solution to ties than this, no? Also, thanks for the keeping the convo on track!


I like the current system. I’ll be honest, few things give me more joy than knowing that there are people who spend exhaustive amounts of time and money on a game. The fact that there are people who do it is enough in my opinion to keep it going.


I actually agree with the OP in the sense that I find the current system annoying. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a better one.
And judging by this thread, neither can anyone else. lol
But it’s worth discussing.


In the spirit of PG’s efforts to minimize the need to be tethered to your device, I suggest the MegaWarCoin!


Actual idea: bonus flames based on time. I don’t mean time of day, but rather the total time spent per base to get 5 flames. Teams can defend if they want to try to slow other team down, or use base design to try to maximize time. In event of a 250/250 tie, lowest total time wins.


not impressed by suggestions put forth for changing the tie break system.
they all sound a bit crap. the current system is fine, cant handle being online all the time?? go down to platinum simples. if you wanna fight with the best be prepared to put the time and effort and give up sleep, otherwise why not play a different game if platinum doesnt cut it for you.
there is a vibrate to defend option also you know, you dont have to stare either.


CoC used % of bases destroyed for the tiebreaker. That won’t work on this game because most often a tie happens when both teams 100% kill the other teams bases.


Highest tier expert dragons can 5 flame every base if not defended. Removing defense points would result in 250 ties everywhere and the higher ranked team will perpetually “lose” and they’re punished because they’re ranked higher. The reason 250-250 ties don’t happen as often is because teams realize if they put the effort in their defense points will exceed the other teams and they’d lose. If you remove defense points you’ll end up “screen watching” even more because you’d have to try to prevent 250 flames facing an infinite amount of attacks for the whole 24 hour period. One period of low activity where attacks are not defended and boom the higher ranked team loses.


I think defense points should be for every dragon you kill. Kill 2 on a base you get 2 points, kill 1 you get 1. Right now you get 1 point just for showing up and leaving. That’s not really defense.


Then people would just swap before they die.


Then you will have this situation in Lower league. One low level gets big back up, instant swap, the big backer will steam-roll over the base like nothing… No def given.
And we will have more whines from those who think Ringer is unfair lol


If that happens, there is the other dragon to try and kill. What we have now is not defense. Its a lazy way to get points


Also. Everyone would swap man. Each and every time. No dragon would die.


If the second dragon was about to die, it would swap, attacking player would quit, and they’d try again (no defense points awarded).


If the second dragon was to switch then they would not receive 5 flames


And no defense points would be awarded, so they’d just try again. No reason not to try over and over.


If it didn’t switch and just died, they would not receive 5 flames either.


The consolation prize system for defense doesnt seem quite right. I understand that there are reasons though.

Seems there should be a bigger prize for a successful defense, or if the other team chooses to quit.
How bout for every successful defense, or quit, 1 random flame is removed from the other team?

Maybe pull the flame from the lowest ranking player with 5 flames?
These are often alts anyway, and may help deter lower lvl players from playing over their heads?