'Tis the Season of Giving


Frostwreath continues, and as we reflect on the battles won and lost, we remember the friends who have stood with us all along the way. Take a little bit of time this holiday season to thank those special teammates or alliance members for all the good times, laughs, and epic experiences from this past year. Who has made your time in War Dragons truly memorable?


Starting this week, Dragon Lords can get into the spirit of the season with a new portrait, and other fabulous prizes! Read on for all of the splendorous, festive news.


Holiday Gifting 


Last year, everyone was able to gift Red Envelopes for both Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year. This Frostwreath seasons brings something similar with the ability to gift festive presents to your friends, teammates, alliance members, and fellow friendly Dragon Lords!



Gift Boxes will be available from December 25th to December 31st, and are able to be purchased 10 times per day while they are available. Each one will cost $4.99 and will contain 500 Frostwreath Sigils.

Please Note: Gift boxes will be the only giftable packs in the store. The gifting button next to the other Value Packs will be visible but greyed out.


Global Prizes for Everyone Gifting


Kind gestures do not go unnoticed! Every Gift Box gifted to a fellow Dragon Lord will be counted towards rewards for everyone playing! It’s the season of giving, and every gift to a friend is one step closer to a gift to the community too. You can check the event page for progress towards the following prizes: 


5,000 claims = Tier 1 Austeros Aquileas Portrait

10,000 claims = Double Dragon XP Boost for 1 Day

20,000 claims = 4 Gold Chests

40,000 claims = Tier 2 Austeros Aquileas Portrait

60,000 claims = Increase Monument Drops for 1 Day

80,000 claims = 6 Gold Chests

95,000 claims = Animated Austeros Aquileas Knights Portrait


The prizes unlocked for the whole community will be distributed after Fortification and Holiday Gifting ends. Once the potraits have been unlocked, you’ll be able to choose either the male or female portion with each of the portraits for your in-game chat avatar. When equipped, both Austeros & Aquileas Knights will be shown.


Don’t miss out on obtaining these limited time portraits before these Dragon Knights are gone for good!


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Please discuss and ask questions in the Official Discussion Thread!

Hey All!

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Holiday Gifting Event! We were so excited to see everyone be so generous to their fellow Dragon Lords during this season of giving.

We want to show our appreciation to all of our Dragon Lords by spreading the love to everyone in the game! We will be distributing all of the prizes to everyone this Thursday, January 9th. As a reminder, here are all of the prizes that players will receive:

  • The Tier 1, Tier 2, and Animated Aquileas & Austeros Dragon Knights Portraits
  • Double Dragon XP Boost for 1 Day
  • 10 Gold Chests
  • Increased Monument Drops for 1 Day

We would, again, like to thank everyone for participating and sincerely hope that everyone had a wonderful Winter Season!


Hey All!

We will be delaying the activation of the global Double XP Boost due to an issue with the underlying tech controlling XP. We are working to come up with a timely solution that works for both our team and players.

The other announced prizes will be going out as planned tomorrow, Thursday PT.

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