TitanWarriors - G1

Language: English
Time Zone: anywhere on earth is fine
Played time: inside the womb to Queen Elizabeth
Age Range: from tight skin to wrinkles everywhere
Elite Account?: if you wanna but it’s better money on food
Dragon Roster Includes: :dragon:
Highest Lineage Dragon: one that can fly

Atlas noobs, boobs, and booze definitely welcome! Tired of going to Aligane for glory? Tired of no hits? Tired of waiting for PvP CG swaps? Tired of teams below 100% glory?

Say no more fam, I got you covered. Everyone here is 100% glory to you, as our power rank is as low as can be. So, snipe to your hearts content and do atlas how you finally wanted to! Oh and we have a pirate 5ta, and a 5ta discord that does biweekly atlas learning sessions.

Go ahead and apply! Mail us! Become a titan warrior today.


Damn it

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