Title bar on top of forums

Correct me if I am being crazy. Didn’t the top of the forums used to be locked in place? Finding it difficult to return to the latest threads from replying to threads.

Maybe I’m just loosing it or something and this is how it always was.


I’m not quite sure what you mean? Are you using your phone?

My phone used to have the same layout as on desktop until I last updated iOS, in which case it changed - I now have to use the drop down menu to go to the category I’m looking for, which is still odd to me, but I’m getting used to it

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No using desktop Chrome. I don’t have the drop down at the top anymore when I am at the bottom of a thread. I have to scroll all the way back up to the top to see it.

These are both taken with the top just bellow my bookmarks bar.


Confirmed. The sticky menu has become un-stuck. Probably a bug in the chrome update?

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 3.29.57 PM

No idea why I assumed a Google error before a PG slip. I’ll go back to my corner haha :upside_down_face:


OH! This! I thought it was just me - it’s definitely annoying


I personally haven’t updated chrome though - my forums were working fine earlier, and have been open the whole time, but it randomly started doing what water showed


Mine was locking inside of the app currently it’s acting weird maybe Pg bumped a wire and fricked something up


@PGGalileo not sure who else to tag about this.

Nope, Im on Firefox and same issue. I also no longer see the post count on the bottom right that would tell you what post out of the total posts I was currently viewing

Now I have to hit home to get back to the top in order to get out of a topic. very annoying

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I view the forums in Safari on my iPad and am experiencing a similar issue, so I would guess that it’s a problem with Discourse rather than an issue with the browsers themselves (since multiple people are experiencing this glitch across at least three different browsers).


I believe it’s specific to this forum, rather than Discourse.
Discourse meta doesn’t suffer from this.


Having the same issue using Samsung browser on mine S9plus

Forums are a third party, not made by PG

Was very difficult even finding the right forum with the toolbar so messed up :grimacing: Having same issue on my phone and in chrome on my MacBook. Submitted a ticket since Gal will tell us to anyway, but hopefully it gets fixed soon.

I doubt he would tell us to submit a ticket about the forums since support has nothing to do with the forums

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Definitely irritating. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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Well, considering the forums are run by Discourse, my statement could still be considered true, even if it’s only our forum suffering from this frustrating glitch. In any event, given the wide spread nature of this glitch, it’s highly unlikely to be a browser problem.


Same here on iPhone.

I view from the social part of the game on my ipad

Has anyone tried spritzing the forums with a spray bottle to get it to behave? That works with my cat so it may work here too