Title edit: Swap fort and feed

Transferring xp from expert dragons is a nice feature, but it is ridiculously overpriced to be used outside feed event, and is something of a special case even there. but to the point…

Why not combine fort and feed into a single massive RSS event? Having just about every RSS except egg tokens give you event points, xp transfers included, of course?

Ideally, this could make things less lopsided, and liven up team chats; will trade this for that instead of the incessant “can someone send me food/wood pleasepleaseplease… :cry:

People would not need to make educated guesses about feed frenzies and postpone training much, either. Also, giving event rewards for training dragons (hence, actually flying dragons) on a constant basis just might encourage some players to actually fly more instead of letting their bases outgrow their dragons.

Secondly, liven up breeding event by making xp transfers count towards event prizes. Again, make that nice but ridiculously overpriced feature more appealing and useful. I presume many would be more willing to spend speedups, rubies and even hard currency to get said rubies to get that new fierce beast incubated and trained right quick, if xp transfers could occasionally hit a nice milestone.

In brief, make the event cycle about
strenghten existing (base and/or dragons)
fight (pvp)
breed and train new dragons
fight (pvp)

repeat ad nauseaum. What say you? I haven’t given any thought to possible negative side effects.


Personally, no - don’t mess with the prize tiers.

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Note to self: do a search first in the future. Anyways, personally, I think someone should mess with the prize tiers a bit. Hence, a (poorly researched?) forum post. Peace… :hugs:

After some further thought… scrapping fort and feed and replacing with an entirely new combo event would probably be too radical. But how about swapping the two? Let feeding be the every 4th week norm and fort be the “treat” every 2-3 months.

Way too many people are leveling up too quickly for their own good because, well, fort event. Again. And again. And again. This is supposed to be War Dragons, not SimCity.

Please no. The idea of being den capped for 2-3 months is awful.

Feeding is tolerable as is… if you swap them no one will gave much to level because they’ll be waiting til they can breed and level up tiers they haven’t reached yet.

I go up up 6-10 levels port fort… it’ll still take me forever to get past 200… so what, we just go up 20 or 30 levels once a season instead?

Bad idea. Try again.


it is a very simple paradigm shift, as far as paradigm shifts go. got many den capped dragons? Congrats! Constantly stumbling at den cap? Well, then you build, event or not. What seems really weird to me is people postponing the training of useful dragons for the sake of the food frenzy.

No please, but would rather suggest pg to look into say a structure, like a nursery, that turns lumber into trees. And probably release a line of herbivores dragons, say breeding from red onwards that grows, feeding on the trees that grows from the nursery

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Put up a poll… you’ll find this idea to be very unpopular.

Combining feeding and breeding is a horrible idea because those of us going after multiple dragons (i.e. breed one dragon and grind it to breedable to use as the parent of a second dragon) would find it nearly impossible to get our babies fed. Especially if we are F2P or E2P players. Look how scarce food was during this latest feed event.

I’m just hoping the food economy bounces back enough for me to be able to train Mehatten to breedable. I can’t even start breeding this time around until I get him to lvl 16. And I was planning on getting Avalanche and using him to backbreed Anapa. That’d be way harder than it needs to be if I had to worry about no food at the same time :woman_facepalming:

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Listen to words of wisdom. :point_up:

And here: :point_down:


Food economy during breeding is already a little scarce. No need to turn it into a barren wasteland.

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One can use food to certain limit during fort already, so please don’t make the food vanished completely

Fail? Listen to words of wisdom? Right…
The one lesson from the wise I have ever learned goes as follows: “Never enter a popularity contest on purpose”.

WD goes on, life goes on, I posted my opinion. Case closed as far as I am concerned.

Oh sweet Joe, that one fairly innocent drunken blurb got tagged as “inappropriate” and “offensive” by the community thought police?!
Borderline censorship in places with actual freedom of speech. well done, well done, awaiting my “censored” forum badge. :grin:

Keep in mind that we can have children down to 13 on this forum, that’s why sensitive content is hidden by the community from their immediate view. We got it, you made a little awkward fail, but don’t take it too personally, it’s for the younger ones :wink:… Assuming that children that age are still innocent…

Point taken, removed the inappropriate language. Let’s just say booze and forums is not always a good combo. Anyway, no hurt feelings here. Sometimes I lash out, but I would like to think I can take it, too, and not lose sleep over it.

Anyways, here is some background info… in the past 2 events I hit the garnet wall pretty hard. 4 den upgrades after hitting lvl 154, then 2.5M score in the food frenzy. I was actually happy to have the two events back-to-back like this, but obviously I would have liked to do those 2 in parallel even more.

Now I need to gather the egg tokens for Hauheset and Frostbiter, and leveling up beyond 154 makes little sense until I have those two. I presume we can agree on that, at least? Anyway, for a F2P (not counting Elite account) gold1 guy like me that takes a long, long, looong while.

Thank goodness I held back some storage upgrades so that I can do a little something in the next few fort frenzies, but basically they will be rather useless for me this season. Food frenzies, on the other hand, would still be useful… so I hope you folks see where the urge to vent came from.

I do believe I am not alone here, sitting pretty in the cozy shade of the garnet wall, watching fort frenzies pass by… :hugs:

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