To all dragon lords who love culinary recipes for holidays

I eat soybeans dude. Most families in India consume soybeans. So nothing happens from it. It is actually one of the highest sources of proteins. So don’t talk smack about good foods. Nobody likes that.

I seen the effect of soy, in America yours differs from ours I done the research

Wow. Didn’t know that. Sorry for that truly. I really didn’t know that.
Well, India is fertile. We reap it’s benefits.

Yeah, the US may be the second highest producer of soybeans in the world, but the use of genetic modifiers and such has corrupted the product, apparently.

Who would’ve guessed? :woman_facepalming:t2:

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I haven’t taken many photos because I changed phone. But here’s a little contribution to the green force:

Thai with seitan strips:

Pasta with agave and mustard caramelized sunflower seeds plus cashews ( they are hidden lol):

Blue cheese (spreadable) made of cashews and spirulin:

Every ingredient can do damage depending of his origin/ quality and amounts consumed. Soy may have been harmful because of soy every meals and even as soy drinks. That’s lack of info from the parents… Why not rice, beans and some greens? All the important stuff there and no soya :wink:


Now I’m hangry, damnit :joy::joy:.

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Oh thank you, my friend!! Oh that makes me super hungry!!! Veg rules!
Plus redmi note 9 pro camera seems Awesome. My redmi y3 has only 16mp rear :disappointed::disappointed:

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Couldn’t agree more and you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: That’s about half 32mp photos, camera is fantastic!


I got a prime cut on deer steak and goat rib I want to smoke them, so what kinda wood should i use?

Apple wood

Who need white castle or Krystal’s when I can make em myself

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Newphew told me about this cake I’m gonna make it Thanksgiving my favorite holiday