To any CF members how to properly fly Aerow

Can you break down the mechanics of aerow like where to start the recon spell and other must need to know matters I think I’m doing ok but I know I can do better I know to destroy any shield towers and ice flaks are first priority to destroy like what spell should be used and when in that matter I’m looking for a video of it haven’t found one yet

That’s all ty

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Why not ask GPF?

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I think I’ll do the video on Aerow over the weekend


Thank you my friend

Why is this a CF related question? We’re at the end of the season and the Dragons have been out for a while for everyone to learn


Perhaps it is because not all of us claim the dragon right away. Or get the sigils 4 weeks before end of season. Some may just not be aware of the existing YouTube videos. I myself just want to learn by flyin it.

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I look forwards to it. Will check out after another week of toying around with it. I suspect there is n’t more than 1 flying style for this dragon. EDIT: phone being a pain for the typing this. * is more* not isn’t

I trust CF with their information as will support them on their own platform

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Find a aerow video explaining the most effective yet efficient way to fly him

The forums are not their own platform though. Their platforms are their individual social media channels like Imp’s Youtube channel.

That’s fine but there are plenty of skilled flyers out there who are not with the CF. Just seems like you would be better off using a title asking for Aerow advice rather than a title about the CF. A proper title would also help other people who might be looking for similar information and would use the forum search function. Something like “advice on flying Aerow” would be more helpful for others to find it than “to any CF members” would.

:woman_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


:eyes: been working on my “how-to” Aerow video today too, should be done tomorrow or sunday


Uhhh german :face_in_clouds: and uhhhh Premiere pro :face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds:


Video will be in English though :sweat_smile:


All good :joy: I was just surprised


I know editing is the tedious part of making a video on I be here waiting

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I just claimed aero, as I wanted my first mythic and figured I could throw next season to the dogs since they will be off the chain.


You need to work out the spots to cast the waypoints so that you can blow up most of the island and then rewind back far enough so your amp and dodge spells come off cool-down when you return to the island. If you can figure out those spots then arrow is simple.


How dare you say his name wrong it’s aerow

Says the person with the thread name that spelled it as “aero”



Honestly Arrow is better at this point