To Boost during PvP or not to boost

Ever since PG changed the point system in events I have constantly met every event since asking myself if I should bother boosting my base.
My view is: All it does is help the opposing team get better points while I can’t touch these 50-100 levels above me who are farming me the entire event.
I am curious to see what other people’s views are about it.

Depends on the event and depends on the base. You need to look at if you’re one of the targets in a given event that gets hit regularly or not. Anything you can do to slow down people from getting 70% on your base is good. In an event like gauntlet people are looking for the fastest base to clear and dont really care about the point value as much. So if you dont boost will that make you an easy and fast target?

Also there’s no such thing as farming during a pvp


Might be better to organize this within your team, whether some players need to add/subtract dp


I’m still not sold on the benefits of the boosts. I have the same success attacking a 1.5b dp base with level 90 towers and a 6b dp base with level 90 towers. Same with watching my base get attacked.

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These are both relatively weak bases for their level.

It highly depends on what level you are.

Well, better points from your base, specifically. But if you don’t boost, someone else on your team will give those same points.

In theory everyone should boost to make it harder on opponents. However, some players have really good gear and riders, and hence very high power (and therefore event points) - but their tower level is way below average for their power, and they are easy to take despite the gear. For these bases, it would be better for the team if they don’t boost.

It was really just hypothetical numbers. My point was a towers level is a towers level. It falls the same no matter what the DP says. Only time it seems to makes a difference is when it’s boosted by a defender.

Yes, you’re right and I agree but the harder levels would get those points instead which would make it harder for the opponent in pvp

Or someone with weaker towers that did boost will get pushed above you. I see it all the time where a base with level 90 towers is below a base with level 60 towers…

Exactly…am I looking at it wrong still? Boosting during pvp seems detrimental

You just need to be conscious of how your base compares to your teammates and how to beat cover and over lap the bases to not give free points. If you know your dp is the same or close to the same as a weaker teammate than boost so that you can prevent other teams from targeting them.

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Ok. Thanks for that advice

Let me put it this way. Let’s say you have level 90 towers and they have level 60. Both bases can be worth 120 points but than you boost and take the spot for sure. It pushed them to 118 instead.
But on another team there is a base that’s similar to your teammates worth 119 points. If your teammate had stayed worth 120 it would have drawn more agro than the base worth 119. You by boosting might have saved your team from being attacked as much by players who can beat level 60 towers but can’t beat level 90 towers.

That’s more for multiple team combat events like pits, but for events where it’s one versus one I would say it doesn’t matter if you boost.

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