To continue breeding, or not to continue breeding, that is the question

Reaching out to the WD community for their thoughts: Next breeding event I’ll be breeding my first garnet, which will unlock the garnet evo stones for my divines. I have enough XP stored to get them to max garnet level right away, so power won’t be a concern (I’m L182). I am behind in my research (currently still dong green). Do I halt my breeding progression at this stage, and focus on research eggs? Or keep up the breeding? Strikes me that there is never truly a good time to focus on research, but maybe this is the closest.

I’d breed and do some research eggs to get to the next prize tier. Not to be rude … I’m level 144 and will be breeding my first garnet the next breeding event too … you’re dragons should be much stronger than mine but they aren’t. :eyes:

You need two garnets to unlock max garnet. I would focus breeding over research, but it depends on how fast you want to progress.

Depends on which research tasks you need to unlock… I would evaluate the usefulness of the research you have left and determine just how important any of it is… You’re not way behind on dragons (despite the fact that you could be further than you are - no offense). That said, with riders and gear and all that, I think you’ll be fine to go hard for breeding towards an emerald ASAP.

i would focus on breeding first…
im at harbinger dragons atm and finished last month my green and gold research…

a few % more atk or HP dont make a big difference imo (especially at Garnet/Emerald)

So i would recommend to get more and more dragons to uncap your divines


Breed dragons in priority
And if you won’t be able to breed next time,or you’ll have extra tokens,you can use them for researches(bonus rage and hunter damage in priority)
You should try to get as much tokens,as possible!
Work in events,speedup egg tokens missions(first one) etc
And,of course,follow breeding paths

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I’m not sure if you’ve seen Red’s dragon check-in thing. Hope it helps. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


“To be or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind To suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of Troubles, And by opposing end them.” - William Shakespeare
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You’re behind in breeding if you’re only getting your first garnet now. BTW you need 2 garnets to fully max out your divines.


My advice is to keep breeding. I’ve got a lot of green research left undone (I didn’t make the smartest choices with some of the research and I was doing it before they reduced the research cost). I’d say higher dragons are a much better thing to obtain than more research eggs. This breeding event I’ll be starting on my first Garnet Mythic, and I’m at lvl 172.

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Did you perhaps mean emerald when you said garnet?

Emerald is L182

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Thanks folks! I thought that once you unlocked the garnet evo stone you could level the divines to max garnet, which is why I didn’t think power would be an issue. Didn’t know there was another tier that required a second. I recognize I’m behind, though not as much at it would seem. Last fort I went from 170 to 182, and the next one I will stay at 182 as I’ll be focusing on home base upgrades. As is the case with most I was flapping in the wind the first 70-80 levels before really starting to pay attention to breeding paths, base design, etc. Would be nice if there could be a recycling event where you get points for getting rid of your crap in storage. Anyone looking for a good deal on 6 level 20 ballistas? Will definitely be concentrating on breeding and will keep research for later.

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