To encourage teammates to help teammates

Like when players build towers/perches/buildings add a feature where teammates can hit a help button that will help reduce some time off a build I would say 15mins off per help a teammate hits the button only one time each player can help per build

What do you think PG?

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Exploitable. In a hard core way.


p.s. Teammates can now help each other in farming speedups, which have similar effect to that… as long as the one being helped participates too.

Not really if only 25 members can help on a build only once per build

So if i create 5 hacked accounts and help you build every single build with hacked clocks, should you then get banned when they find out those five accounts aren’t hacked, and the timers I donated to you also hacked?

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You don’t donate anything it’s just a help button more like a assist but why people playing with hacked accounts

So you’re not suggesting they give you a timer, but just able to reduce your build some other magic way?

Welcome WD. That is one of our biggest complaints - the cheaters and why we can’t have nice things because of them.


Honestly all you need is 49 alts and you get like half a day off your build.

Make more accounts; rinse and repeat.

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He mentioned that it was limited to 25 people per build

To be honest that sounds like a hell of a lot of work to save one 12h timer…

The main problem would be hacked resources, getting a few thousands of these assists magically appearing from non-existant accounts.

i’d rather have gifting option back instead of this.

which is pretty much impossible due to “exploiting” exchange rates… :man_facepalming:t2:

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In their defense I have played other builder style games that have this feature. There is an ask for help button and it limits it to 5 or so people if I remember correctly. Each person on the team that hits the button to help their teammate knocks off a set amount of time off the build. If I remember right it was like 3% so off a 30 day build you would get around 5 days taken off.

Exactly because once your in the high builds it’s like 30 days + so 15 mins off a build per help maximum 25 should help some just a suggestion but who would take the time to exploit that you pretty much stupid for doing that

This is such a waste of time. 15 mins per person would be just over 12 hours if the whole team did it. There are so many other things PG needs to focus on, not to mention I’d be really pissed if I got 49 notifications every fort for players wanting time taken off.

I would say it would be built off of a base percentage instead of a timer amount. The game I’m talking about didnt send notifications for it you just log in and on the home screen there is a set of say hands that you tap to give your help to anyone that’s requested it. Would be the same concept as logging in for the first time of the day and having to tap your team building for daily eggs, perch for your daily xp, and going into atlas for your daily eggs as well. Just an icon that you tap to help out teammates with builds nothing lost except the time off of the requesters build.


If the total % you can get outa this is considerably high enough, it’s not likely to happen. -No matter how much I’d love to see that happen. :sob:-

I don’t think it’s the worst idea in the world if:

  • There were no cheat vectors to be had
  • There was no “transfer” of timers, rather it’s a timer created from thin air
  • It was limited in nature (max 5 players, max 1% per player of tower level or something like that)
  • There was an easy way to implement the “click” function without it being overwhelming or overbearing to teammates
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Even if the latter three can be worked/dealt with… the first one can’t be. :man_facepalming:t2:

Minimize them? :confused:

I’m not sure how cheats can be minimized in long-term unless the game itself is dying. :sob:

Call me pessimistic. :sob: But my past experience in PC games against cheats doesn’t look so pretty.

New ones always come up after hammering down the old ones. :man_facepalming:t2:

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