To PG, my one final plea to change your path and keep your players

As more and more people reach that mythical 300, they will soon be slapped in the face with reality.

I’ve said it before but I’m truly super close to actually just leaving this game this time. At one point I was the most hardcore, biggest supporter of WD but it’s a real struggle to stay motivated at the present. This game used to be fun and enthralling. Not so much any more.

With bigger towers on the way and a new dragon tier looming (with assumed higher caps), I’m just about at the point of culling my losses and walking out the door.

Every time I turn around it seems PG is removing something else and making it pay only. Keystones, rider stones, shards, etc…

THE BIGGEST ISSUE IS the time it takes to go from 300 to 357. 3-4 levels per maxed out fort event is ridiculous. The only reason I can assume there isn’t more outrage is because people simply don’t know yet. Up to 300 the levels come frequently and often enough to keep a player engaged and motivated. If this was your idea to keep me “trapped” in this game PG, It’s not working. I grow more and more disillusioned every second.

Mrs. Lx always tells me things happen for a reason…

Maybe it’s time I move on to other endeavors?


mmmmm I see a duplicate…

but I agree with you :man_shrugging:


While they are discussing the same thing, I think this is how the stagnation of progression of the game is affecting him personally (almost like a prefarewell if nothing is changed), while the other one is more a general overview. Nuance maybe, but I think there’s enough difference to not shut down :pray:t3:


I was about to start a similar thread myself. I spent 10 minuets scrolling throu matchmaking and filled my bookmarks with 300+ naked players. I’ll only add one pic because it isn’t necessary to show them all but it isn’t an isolated occurrence anymore. As I’ve stated in other posts I’ve walked away three times now and been drawn back only because of the amazing friendships I’ve made in the community. I know what it cost me to get to lvl 300 and I have even contemplated giving up elite simply because it seems pointless to try and get further in the game because of the ever widening gap. Unless something changes it won’t be much longer…


Going back in the past (not so much) I remember the amount of posts about the Harbinger level requirements… lvl 400 to max a Mythic dragon, then…

For many it was a victory, not for me, I had just reached lvl 300.
I saw a lot of friends/teammates quit the game cause of this…


The gap between whales and even very active moderate spenders is just insane. It gets worse at every expansion. When I first joined diamond, years ago, every diamond team had several max bases and several others that were not far behind. Looking at diamond now there are some teams that rely on only a few bases. Balance is gone from diamond, they could divide d1 alone into 5 leagues of 5 teams and there would still be a huge discrepancy between the strength of the top and bottom team in each of those 5 leagues. D2 shouldn’t even exist but thats a separate thread. With no catch-up machanism, and this ever increasing gap between the whales and the rest of the player base this game will pop like an over inflated balloon. I just hope it pops sooner rather than later at this point.

Ill quote myself from a few days ago and direct this at any PG employee who may be reading this, PG read this:


The very nature of these types of games it

Major title MMOs try to add aspects of the game that encourage players to want to play, however that design philosophy does not live in this type of game. With this type of game they design new means to encourage players to grow stronger faster as a direct revenue source. It is why they are referred to as P2W.

Essentially this P2W model pushes the burn out of the game. It is a matter of choice that PG will choose quantity (revenue) over quality in the long run. Atlas and how poor of a job they have done is a prime example.

Im not sure Atlas is the best example of it. The way they rolled out Atlas was piss poor but overall i am okay with Atlas. I actually enjoy Atlas and at first it didn’t require huge spending. Recent changes in atlas however i would say agree with your point (such as all but removing those red things from prizes forcing us to open those other chests).

I’d have to agree. I’m somewhat thinking that people at around how I play the game will bottom out at Obsidians (or somewhere in mid-Harb), as Harbs will just stall things too much for people who don’t want to spend to get past what might as well be a paywall/endless tedium of slow growth.

Edit: missing a word :rofl:


The extremely poor development and deployment of Atlas is a prime example of how PG thinks. PG demonstrated they are not interested in quality and just want to push the revenue as far as they can.

It also demonstrated that PG just might lack the talent to actually do quality coding of new aspects of the game.

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Just out of interest what is the level requirement to get a mythic harbinger breedable? Assuming that’s the requirement to unlock the next level I’m just curious how insane the pain the higher ups have to endure is

357 to make expert. Only need to be 300 to make them breedable (same as to breed them)

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Mythic harbinger are able to get breedable at level 300

So you can level a mythic harbinger to 16 at level 300?

Edit: Well I guess that’s the smallest of silver linings

I guess i just wouldn’t use Atlas as the prime example of this. Atlas over all isn’t nearly as poorly planned, coded or example of their greed compared to much of the main game.

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Yes. has the info

Except to get from 300 (to get a harb) to level 357 (to max them all) it will take more timers than it would to go from level 1 to level 300…


I did say it was the smallest of silver linings

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Why does it have to be all or nothing? Maybe do what Mike did … quit spending and enjoy the game at a slower pace.

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You can level a mythic harbinger to 16 at lvl 300, but it has the same AP as a mythic obsidian or harbinger legendary. So it’s more of a tinfoil lining…

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