To the Atlas Team at PG

PG’s Atlas Team. Please take a moment out of your day to talk about when we can reasonably expect you to fix the Atlas lag. It’s only been a couple…uh…years we’ve been dealing with this. Are y’all moderately close?


Atlas lag will be around for longer than the game at this rate.
There is no 1 root source of lag that can squashed.

:face_with_monocle: well … I can point at one! :smirk: :european_castle: :point_left:


This is the easy answer, but one I’m not inclined to accept. Particularly when it has been years.

I know, I know. Another easy answer is that I could walk away. But considering the number of friends I’ve made I prefer to keep playing…but with a game that works.


Take a peek and consider the basic goal of this map is wrong and Is based on defense positions that create all of these issues!
Yep we can solve these issues and the problem that started them is the :european_castle:
Remove the castles kill the lag :man_shrugging:


I appreciate the work you put into that concept. However what is completely lacking is any response at all from PG. Hence this direct appeal to the head Atlas employee per Jared’s roles post.

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I’m waiting now as well :man_shrugging: Hopefully they realize what I’m saying

I am sure PGGalileo does his best but that could easily be copied and pasted from 100+ other replies from PG. That’s why I did not tag him. I tagged the Atlas Team.

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I’d love to see a designer and the head of the atlas team and the economy team
Post here and attempt to answer my questions and address what I’ve posted :smiling_imp: lol


Just because you keep posting it, doesn’t make it true.

Despite the lag, atlas is not as stagnant as many claim. Almost 300 castles have changed hands in the last 2 weeks.


Then all is well and you guys can continue to play defense dragons and I’ll keep
Playing offense happily :pirate_flag:


I think they need to remove the bubble mechanic (in terms of having to bubble or wait to move on) and travel time swap that out for a respawn cool down on prims that can be sped up the same way an then dropped anywhere. No travelling in prims would reduce lag and the ability to attack anything anywhere anytime would spice up game play. And remove shields or massively reduce their duration.

That’s an interesting stat. Out of how many total castles? And how many of those were captured, vs. sales/transfers?


Sadly that would massively increase burden of play and defense of castles would become a nightmare and anything you do to increase offensive play results in increased need for continuous defense!
But feel free to keep going back and forth until players realize it’s in equilibrium :man_shrugging:Because of the castle’s themselves lol

But those are good suggestions to increase offensive tactical play sadly I don’t see anyone wanting to defend a castle under those conditions and if I can barely defend the ones I have why would I want to take even more!?
Sorry won’t solve the issue of stagnation it would be just us playing tug a war with our secondary mechanics :man_shrugging:

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I agree and disagree, it would change the dynamics. Here’s what I see. Look around atlas what do you see hundred upon hundreds of castles with one, two or just a few prims. What gives a team the ability to hold a stupid amount of castle’s with such a tiny amount of prims.

I believe the changes would make it hard for even a team of whales to hold a ridiculous amount of castle’s. You would be forced to consolidate your Prims on a few key castles.

Easy defense doesn’t make a fun game.

The equilibrium would come down to how many troops you could produce.

My ideas are not fully fleshed out you would definitely need a more comprehensive set of changes.

Even just removing the ability to put up Shields force teams to conquer a castle to move on create a border war and increase buffs for holding all castle’s in an area.

Also there is zero burden of play I have not been on a single atlas team that has a hard time holding 10 castle’s or more. Nothing ever happens except gaurd swaps raids and snipes.

And they should remove castle upkeep and instead make you pay for extra defenses.

In this we agree we need a offensive map!
I simply want the equilibrium castles create removed so it’s viable long term!
I have been paid to test balance and correlate tactical games for major game companies this isn’t my opinion or my theory it’s literally how games are fleshed out :man_shrugging: I’ve done it professionally for a living :rofl:
So this is more than a novice guess :rofl:

I’ve read your post regarding this, however Atlas is not exactly a balanced piece of work it is more like they grabbed a chess, uno, risk and jenga threw it in a bucket mixed it up and viola there you have it Atlas!!!

They are also constrained by the coding they can only do so much so changes need to be within achievable limits.

We beta tested a map with all players bases but they refused to use positional attacking and quickly scraped it :man_facepalming: What I’m suggesting isn’t difficult or ground breaking lol