Together we will rise!

LoyalGuardians looking for some new players to take up the slack left behind by unreliable players. We are a family and we look after our own. Drama free!! War and Event participation is mandatory!!! If you are not competetive and ready to work as a team to grow and learn this is not the place for you. XP runs, base design help, resources, and anything in between freely given. Level 50+ preferred but will consider lower that are ready to grow. :heart: We are a fun and helpful team!!:kiss: Looking forward to have you in my team! :warning::facepunch: We are currently in Gold2.
β€’ Line group available.
If you are interested pm:
line : eveanwen01
Ign: xEveeTroublex
Language: English
Time Zone: any
Played time:anytime
Age Range:16+
Elite Account?:-
Dragon Roster Includes:-
Highest Lineage Dragon:-

About: let’s all work our way to the top!

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