Toggle for Trees in Battle



Hi all,

I have found that I cannot turn my trees off in battle mode. Is anybody else having this problem?

I have submitted a ticket to support but there is radio silence from them on this and another ticket from yesterday so I’m not entirely sure they are getting the tickets.


Set it to Poor -> mandatory restart -> Set it to High -> mandatory restart -> remove toggle for trees -> think there’s another restart

“Show Trees in Battle Mode” not working right

lol that’s kind of like up down up down A B A B Start.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.


Nope didn’t work.


You forgot to do it on a full moon night dancing in a witch circle naked in the woods after having sacrificed an animal to the Dragon gods… :roll_eyes:

Good luck anyway. Sometimes I get this problem, it disappears overnight…


Found this in the old forum… Maybe it will work?

  • Set to low settings (restart)
  • check all but trees in effects (restart)
  • relaunch game


Support got back to me. I had to do a restart because of an iOS update and it fixed the issue.


Great that your problem is solved then! Have fun playing without those damned trees getting in your shots way! :smile:


What did you have to do to fix it? I restarted the device, and my game and I’m still not able to get them turned off (and stay turned off) :sweat_smile:


The only other thing I did was that I noticed that the destructible boats was toggled off so I toggled that on when I toggled the trees. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to give that a try too :blush:


That worked for me


The turning on and off the killable boats actually worked for me :blush: I did try the other method but it kept on changing back on as soon as I navigated away from the appropriate tab :woman_facepalming:t2:


Awesome! I’m glad it helped you!


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