Token bonus problem

Hi everybody,
I know I’m not the first person writing on the event token bonus topic.
I know exactly how the breeding bonus works and that is not possible to combine it with previous bonus gained.
Now, on my account I’m, at the moment, gain just the base bonus due to elite account plus harbinger egg on the mission ballon and NOT the 100% bonus gained in season prize nor the 100% due to the breeding event!
I’ve already written to the assistance service attaching the appropriate screenshots. They answer me that the 100% due to the season prize had to be MANUALLY activated!!!
So… now, I don’t want to be polemic but after they operated, the bonus was still NOT working.
After that they suggest me to cancelled WD and install it again on my phone and… it still NOT working again.
I badly need that bonus on my account in order to finish generation event properly for my game level at the best of my possibility, without that bonus I’ll do half of I could have done.
@Arelyna I just beg you to tell me WHAT I’VE TO DO NOW, or, at least, to give me an explanation on what is going on and why the assistance service cannot do anything to give my 100% bonus back.
I thank you a lot for the answer that you’ll give me and I’ll appreciate everybody can help to solve this problem.

Did you make a support ticket? If so post it and tag pgjared or someone from the Px team.

I’m Italian, so I spoke with Italian assistance. I do not know how much it can serve.

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I’m also having this issue. After several reinstalls it still isn’t giving the season bonus. Mine also was not giving me the normal breeding event boost either. To fix that I signed out of my account completely, reinstalled the game and signed back in with my pocket ID. This brought back the breeding event 100% token boost. However, it did not fix the season boost of 125% egg token boost. You can try that and see if it helps.

I did it, I didn’t get any results. I always have basic eggs.

Yep, there are a lot of people with this problem at the moment, myself included.

Support has told me they tweaked something and to try a reinstall, but no effect for me yet.


Can you post the ticket number here?

I mean something like #1234567 (in the first reply of your ticket)

posting the number of my ticket would be useless, as it is written in Italian.

Thank you Morreion but I tried without success :weary:

I also am not on one of my accounts, I think this one is good

Im having the same problem and yes I’ve put tickets in for both my devices its not working on either, completely different operating systems too, i need help as well, oh and question…shouldnt everyone get double tokens during breed anyways?

I’ve had a follow-up from support. They’ve stopped manually reactivating people’s egg bonus since it’s simply not sticking (or not working at all). They said the next major patch will bring a proper fix and they will issue compensation to all affected.

I got the same response… not holding my breath. :t_rex:

Same response with me too, and theyre completely ignoring it. @Arelyna please help us :dragon_face:

yes, but it is not possible that these problems are found right in the generation event, I personally need to continue the generation!

Yes it’s very annoying if you need the egg tokens right now, I’m lucky in that I had a bit of a stockpile built up. Unfortunately it seems there is little we can do about it now.

@PGCrisis would it be possible to look into a first compensation wave on monday, so people can still use the egg tokens they missed out on in this breeding event?

Same here, ticket 1380929


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