Token boost constantly breaking



Last week I got to the 100% boost, and it wasnt working. Sent a ticket in, and they fixed it. Now I’ve claimed the 125% boost, and I have no boost at all again. And last season this seemed to be happening to lots of people every single week. PG, what is it gonna take for you to finally fix this bug? It’s been going on for about 6 months now!


Try reinstalling, 95% of the time it fixes it


I’m on Android, so that’s about a 30 minute process…regardless, I shouldn’t have to reinstall my game every 3 days to get it to work properly. Like the issue where some people get rubies instead of chests during events. I want PG to quit worrying about aesthetics like the bullshit UI and fix some of the long time bugs this game has.
Edit: Also, I know for a fact support can fix the token boost issue without a time and data consuming reinstall, they just tell everyone to reinstall first so they dont have to actually do anything.


Good luck and I agree but in the meantime, you’re just losing out.


Have you tried clearing cache? Slightly less painful and sometimes works.


Oh support was able to fix it for me again, that’s no problem. It’s just the fact that this game has so many recurring bugs and glitches that reinstalling and clearing the cache is considered a normal, acceptable thing.


Benimde aynı problemim var yumurta bonusum çalışmıyor. Başka adalara saldırıda bulununca sandık düşmüyor . atlas elitim bitti alıcam alamıyorum menüde gözükmüyor . yardım lütfen :slightly_frowning_face: