Token boost constantly breaking



Last week I got to the 100% boost, and it wasnt working. Sent a ticket in, and they fixed it. Now I’ve claimed the 125% boost, and I have no boost at all again. And last season this seemed to be happening to lots of people every single week. PG, what is it gonna take for you to finally fix this bug? It’s been going on for about 6 months now!

Glitch with tokens missions/no 100% bonus from Breeding event
Egg boost missing
Egg mission failed
100% egg token boost not working
Glitch with tokens missions/no 100% bonus from Breeding event

Try reinstalling, 95% of the time it fixes it


I’m on Android, so that’s about a 30 minute process…regardless, I shouldn’t have to reinstall my game every 3 days to get it to work properly. Like the issue where some people get rubies instead of chests during events. I want PG to quit worrying about aesthetics like the bullshit UI and fix some of the long time bugs this game has.
Edit: Also, I know for a fact support can fix the token boost issue without a time and data consuming reinstall, they just tell everyone to reinstall first so they dont have to actually do anything.


Good luck and I agree but in the meantime, you’re just losing out.


Have you tried clearing cache? Slightly less painful and sometimes works.


Oh support was able to fix it for me again, that’s no problem. It’s just the fact that this game has so many recurring bugs and glitches that reinstalling and clearing the cache is considered a normal, acceptable thing.


Benimde aynı problemim var yumurta bonusum çalışmıyor. Başka adalara saldırıda bulununca sandık düşmüyor . atlas elitim bitti alıcam alamıyorum menüde gözükmüyor . yardım lütfen :slightly_frowning_face:


Wow what do you know, token boost stopped working for the THIRD time already this season! And I’m getting rubies instead of chests again too. @Arelyna @PGEggToken can we please get this fixed? Like, permanently fixed, for everyone? I’m sure Zendesk would appreciate it as much as the players, considering how often they get tickets for this exact issue.


This should be fixed in version 4.80 as I’ve stated other places.

I did the magic, and if you force close, restart, and reopen the game, that should fix it.


@Arelyna Nope, still broken. I’ll give it another shot, but I’d really appreciate it if you could speed up my egg missions for me, since I’ve been losing out on hundreds of tokens today, and I’ve been wasting my rubies.


I also noticed that the event specific packs are missing in the store, I’m getting rubies instead of chests, and the token boost isnt working, perhaps it’s all tied together. I hope not, because that means my token boost has been broken for the past 2 days…


Those are all related. I tried the tweak one more time. Please follow the previous steps of force closing, reopening, and trying some runs


Still did not work. I finally got tired of waiting and did the full uninstall and reinstall and that fixed it. I know you guys hate compensating players for your mistakes, but I have been losing out on thousands of egg tokens the past couple days it’s been broken…throw me a bone maybe?


As I’ve previously stated, we do not issue compensation on a case by case basis for something that is affecting a large number of players. If we issue it, it will be after the fix goes live in 4.80, and we can verify that it is working as intended.

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Yeah I figured you’d say something along those lines…I’ll just go (blank) myself yet again


I wish I could do more, but unfortunately, not my call.


I got it. I feel bad for you honestly, always taking the heat for your company’s terrible decisions and crappy code and refusal to do right by the players, and blatant greed over absolutely everything. I know it’s not your fault, but still sucks to basically be told to take a long walk off a short pier lol
Edit: no need to reply, we both know this is all true!


PG This is rediculous, Lee has shown the token boost was not working for days, all pictured above. PG compensate him for all he has to go though! You can’t continue to frustrate the players like this over and over and expect them to keep playing and or paying to play.


Thanks Jon, but they’ve made it clear that any compensation for PG mistakes will have to come from Google/Apple…


@Arelyna guess what…it broke AGAIN. Need some more magic please, support is useless on this issue.

Edit: realized I wouldnt get a reply until tomorrow morning at the earliest, so went for the uninstall and reinstall trick and it fixed it. One of these times though, I’m gonna uninstall and just not do the second part…