Token boost Vs hunter discount

Got a dilemma running through and need a brainstorming if you can. I have now 750 Sig and by the end of event around 1500. I don’t know if I should get the discount all the way or start saving for token boost now to have it asap. Because after breeding I would still need to amass 3150 Sig.
I’m not a hard grinder, maybe just speed up 2 or 3 4h and 5 to 10 1h missions. Normally on PvE i get 450 and PvP 350 to 450 Sig. Being on my way next event to Ursa gotta think this thoroughly…

Discount now. Your 1500 sigils will be worth 3000 with the discount.

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Just calculate, how many extra tokens you will NOT get having token boost, during the days when you spend sigils on discount dragon, and compare it to the number of sigils you will save on discount. And, of course, you should like hunter :slightly_smiling_face:
Don’t forget also about discout on first page of rider, which will appear starting from week 3 of the event. Whole first page was 6200 sigils during last season, so 3100 with discount.

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I hopefully would get 2 dragons this season as the only strong divines I have are necryx and zamrok (ish). With my counts I would do extra 7k tokens per week. My concern is that if I don’t get the boost at the end of the first week i might be looking at losing 14k tokens plus the almost 7k from the first :crazy_face: Does it exist there a sigil prize breakdown on PvP events?

First week should not be counted - you are not getting this extra 7K, since you are collecting sigils (unless you open plenty of gold chests on the first day, of course). If you take egg token boost, then 3150 sigils spent there. And that is the amount if sigils you need to compare to.
You can also count in rubies. To get 3150 sigils at the end of season, you will need about 30 sigil chests, which is 15000 rubies. On the other hand, you are “losing” about 14K tokens. Each such token will cost you 1 ruby. You can also count, how much token will cost from missions. 40+40 from 1h mission is the cheapest in terms of rubies. Speed up on 1hr costs about 30 rubies, which is much cheaper. So, if you like hunter - I would say, spent sigils on it, and if you will need extra tokens - farm them from missions, once you will get token boost.

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Good advice :+1: I will take it :grin:

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