Tokens & Timers

PG isn’t it about time you made the tokens and timers daily payout more balanced between those who have Atlas and those that don’t?because, as it stands it’s far from fair, as there are so many teams that are in Gold League that have Atlas, who have the upper hand across the board, even when it comes to War, as they retain all their high rollers ( my term for high level players) due the team keeping Atlas and it’s rewards.


Dont think they will due to the fact to many teams with 1-10 players which could easly be fixed by joiningna atlas team out there as whole

What about those with 40-50 members who don’t even have the chance?

While I agree that token requires extra step to get it, timer doesn’t.
Simply doing Atlas Event will give you loads of 1h speedups


Why should I have to leave a team that is like a second family to me, which I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into the team just get Atlas? When PG could be fairer with the rewards, especially now with the next rollout going to Sapphire.

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Getting timers doing the Atlas event is all well and good, if you have Atlas, which my team doesn’t.

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To get more tokens and timers?

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Hopefully they never do. Atlas takes a lot of work and if they essentially made fort boosts and getting timers via rewards crappy, or boosted the lower leagues, it would render all that effort useless.

I’m not saying get more tokens or timers for Atlas, what I’m saying is they should make fairer for the teams who don’t have Atlas, as it makes fairer in the breeding and fortification events, as we are at a disadvantage enough, with so many gold league teams having Atlas because they’ve dropped from platinum.

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You say Atlas is hard work! PG may have given us the ability to craft gear but, you’d have either buy the shards, or go beyond grinding your ass off to get any shards and then you have to hope that they are the right shard element you want! Where as in Atlas they are pretty easy to come by, plus you don’t have use Sigils to get Dragon Riders. So please don’t tell me that Atlas takes a lot more work than the home turf does!

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What is it with the Fair Dragons crap today?

There are teams all over Atlas in need of players, even Atlas teams that are dying totally. You’re in Gold League. Not exactly the most competitive league in the game. As far as friends go, that’s the beauty of the internet and internet games, you trade one group of imaginary virtual friends for a new group.


And you can always keep in touch with your special favorites from your previous group :slight_smile:


How quickly they turned you :joy::joy:

I’m sorry, you asked why you should leave your team. I didn’t realize it was a rhetorical question. You shouldn’t leave your team then.

No one turned me. They did a massive rollout. Those that made the cutoff, made it. They’ve backed off, realized they need to fix Atlas some more (in PGspeak that means screw it up even more) and decided to only autoexpand to Sapphire. I’m actually ok with that with the supposed new Xp bases and crafting for all.

I see tons and tons of Platinum teams in need of players. I see Platinum (and below) teams with Atlas on the verge of collapsing.

In the past, prePlatinum rollout, you had to be competitive to make it onto an Atlas team. Now, all you have to do is apply to any of a WIDE selection of teams and you’re in. Most of those teams have many openings and can take, or will take over a few weeks, several players.

If you really think you have to have Atlas, and think all of your problems will be magically solved by having Atlas (spoiler alert - Atlas is a massive waste of time and the gains are minimal for the amount of time spent earning them unless you spend serious money), then there are ways to get it.

Like I’ve said elsewhere, I’d be 100% ok if they retracted Atlas from all of platinum and created a new, lower Sapphire league for those Platinum teams to move up into if they want to keep Atlas. That is, as long as they made it possible to craft and level up decent gear without Atlas (so far PG is severely lacking on that however).


Sorry, was trying to be funny

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Sorry, I’m just tired of the Fair Dragons posts this evening. Maybe I should call it quits on the forums for the night. Maybe @LizDrakemoor could give me a time out :rofl:

I could silence you until tomorrow if you want :upside_down_face:

Imaginary friends? More like virtual friends :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Shards are easy to get in Atlas?

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Much easier than non Atlas…