Tokens xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmythic line

How many tokens are needed for last 4 prizes in mythic line?

8 Ascension tokens for the exotic rune, 2 more for the skin and 2 more for the exotic glyph. 12 total
The 3 keys on the left you get as soon as you unlock the mythic and the 6 ascension tokens on the far right you get when you claim the exotic glyph


Thank you

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8 for the rune.

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Correct, for some reason I keep adding an extra 2. My bad

But for you it’s 12. Please do 7 lines. Get extra portrait animated one with your title on it. :grin::grin:

They could make it 50 for all I care, Im not doing that nonsense other than the rune and I wouldnt even have done that if Fera didnt have a good rage stat

I can’t afford Fera. No matter how hard I try. Impossible. Shame.

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