Too early for assault?

I have not chosen a line to get last 6 keys yet.Week 4 assault is the earliest assault I have seen base on my research.Why not the usual week 8?
It’s probably just me hoping to use a mythic to get good points.Anyways thanks.
Sorry for the trouble.

What’s the problem with it ?

Oh I see . Not something to consider dont you think?

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Who said it was usually week 8?

That being said I do wish they’d postpone it since the new atlas season is starting on the same day that assault starts. Personally I’d much rather see them push it to week 12 so we get 2 sigil chest sequences again and because nothing special is going on anyway other than the new tier.


Ah so it is right on time.thanks about that.

@Paskinel some of the festive dragons also work really well if you have a spare one handy. I managed to get top 50-250 most tiers using Ramnaught last assault.

I just used the rider Fera (heal) and 2x L1 blue gear.

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The earlier we have it the better it is. Now we can use the earned sigils and get 20 % bonus in lines.

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I levelled garrvox early i guess.could be very good with his skill set.I just levelled him for next cc event.
Tsk i thought it was week 8 so i could wait for new tower line.haha my fault.

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I remember PG deviating from this 2 seasons ago when they made it week 12 TD right?

Have to say I am not a fan of having assault and the new Atlas season start the same week. :no_good_woman:


I love Garrvox at level 135. He seems stronger than any legendary I’ve had. I don’t even have the best gear for him yet.


I like him but i wish I levelled him up after assault hahahaha

Are there any tiers in assault that you can’t beat? If I have a hard time, I just temporarily move a rider with my my best offensive gear at that element to one of my favorite dragons at that tier. Every tier becomes easy that way just with lineage dragons.


Oh top 75 is the target for each tier.usually it requires a mythic dragon naked for orange to harb.

I am contemplating leaving a mythic dragon at orange and green.Fiery has mastered the max score by now and I feel he has a mythic on those tiers.

I’m happy just finishing each tier. I could try for a higher score, but I really just want the tier prizes so I can get back to grinding egg missions or training my baby dragons in Atlas.


Is it correct that you‘re adding arcanum tier to assault? The ingame post said there to be 108 bases instead of the usual 102 so I‘m guessing arcanum to be included this time

Arcanum will be added this time. I’m not on the events team, but I just confirmed this. Artisan and Monarch will be added in the next two Assaults.


Awesome. Thanks for update.

I personally am going first for the rewards, and sharpen the points afterwards.


Nope, all can be done without riders, gear or any divine.

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