Too late to keep Bazaar? Or Please improve Atlas Chests



It’s been announced a couple times now, so my guess is that keeping the Bazaar is no longer an option. Its removal has been stated in official patch notes.

But here is another way to see just how much better the Bazaar was than the current iteration of Atlas Chests (I’ll ignore the free card as well as the ability to see for certain what any set of “9” cards would provide–we will look only at the possible prizes and their probabilities. These chests are quite easy, since there is no “guarantee” of anything–buying 10 does not ensure a Legendary Drop, and the bonus chest is not a guaranteed legendary either.

The highlight for the fires is simply to indicate that these were removed from active rotation when the Kingpin event was retired. I rated the cards with “equivalent” rarity to show some consistency between chest and card rating systems. (So,1 is common and 5 is Mythic.)

What will happen to the keystones that we do have? How is their relative value to atlas chests going to be determined? Even on a free card, the chances of getting a 5-star card are higher than the chances of getting a legendary drop from a chest (and the cards are better).

Also, depending upon what card you draw, the probability for the remaining cards changes by different amounts.

Let’s say you get the “most likely card” on every pull (and we all know you CAN get the 5 star card on that free pull). But if you ALWAYS pulled the most likely, what would it look like?

First Draw - 1 star card at 53.57%
Second Draw - 1 star card at 43.48%
Third Draw - 2 star card at 36.11%
Fourth Draw - 1 star card at 33.90%
Fifth Draw - 3 star card at 46.15%
Sixth Draw - 2 Star card at 43.33%
Seventh Draw - 3 star card at 52.94%
Eighth Draw - 4 star card at 62.50%
Ninth Draw - 5 star card at 100%

The best gold drop from the Atlas Chests is 1.8M, and it is a legendary drop with a 1.54% chance that you will get it every time – the chance never gets better and it never gets worse. The best gold drop from the Bazaar is 1.5M, and it is a 3 star card, meaning that, even if you follow the “most likely” path, you will pull it no later than the 7th draw, and you could get it on the 5th draw (cards with the same star rating have the exact same weighting, so you have a 50% chance of getting either 3 star card when a three star is selected by the RNG god).

It has NEVER taken me 9 draws to get both the 4 and 5 star cards. Not even once. I have occasionally gotten them both in 5 draws, and, to the best of my recollection, I have always gotten both 4 and 5 star cards within 7 draws. Even if it took 8, it’s still a better deal than buying the whole deck (in terms of keystone cost).

In any set of “9” cards, there is ALWAYS a 4 and a 5 star card. You have no such guarantee with the chests. Here’s a closer comparison of 4/5 and Epic/Legendary (with one 3 star thrown in twice so the total number of prizes match:

Remember, the card percentages are on the first draw (the free one) in that image–they are the WORST odds you can have. Each subsequent draw IMPROVES the likelihood you will get any particular remaining card.


I know keeping the bazaar is not an option at this point (or, if it is, it’s less likely than getting a Mythic Ammo Glyph with rage secondary), but can something please be done to bring the chests into parity with the Bazaar, which no player I have spoken to wanted to go away? This change – removing the Bazaar – at least with the current chest system in Atlas, is a huge step backwards for all Atlas players.

Thank you.


As an Atlas noob, why did they cut back on the bazaar to only one free card and what you buy?


It has always been one free card per day.

They removed the keystones (how you can buy them without using diamonds) a while back, likely in preparation for completely removing the Bazaar. So, if you are relatively new to atlas, then you have had no opportunity to win the keystones in the event prizes.


For comparison, 13 keystones will let you buy a second card. Or you can buy a single chest for 800 diamonds. The keystones price does scale up with each card you draw, or you could buy all 9 for 250 keystones.

It was (is, for now) always a better deal to take the cards individually, since you could get the cards you wanted well before hitting 250.

Sadly, the deck I have now is total garbage. And I’m not going to pay to see a different set. So, Atlas will go down before I can see another deck. And I expect when it is back, the Bazaar will be gone.


We liked it so… it’s gotta go! :man_facepalming:t3:


bazaar was too good of a feature for this game


I meant why did they remove keystones and now the bazaar itself, did players not like it or is it like below and players liked it but PG didn’t.

Seems like PG would keep something that has the potential of enticing players to spend money but I can never figure them out.

Like the bonus runic / silver that I know wasn’t intentional, it was fun while it lasted.


I can’t speak for WHY (as in specifically). It would seem that it was too easy for intelligent players to benefit from it without spending any money. So, in the interest of “fair play,” it was removed so that everyone has the same option–spend more money.


Thanks for this thread and for continuing the fight that I have given up on.

I argued a lot when they first said that they are planning to remove the Bazaar, barely anyone joined that discussion and I realized most players didn’t understand how it worked and how good it really was.

So this is probably the reason why.

This seems to be the number 1 rule of PG:
It’s a great feature + it doesn’t make enough money = it has to go.

I’ll never even spend a single diamond on those stupid chests that are so much worse than chests in the core game. What a joke.

Atlas is going downhill in my perspective - while it probably goes uphill for the finance department.


The entire game is going downhill. PG no longer cares about the quality of the game or the quality of fun for ALL players, only for the big spenders. Never mind that Free to Play or small spenders made the company what it is today and without them, the company would fail. There is no respect for the real backbone of the community and if they do anything that the players LOVE, you can bet it will be gone soon.


Sorry if this was answered somewhere else but I am traveling and don’t have good internet connection. Just saw that the bazaar was removed but could not see the ingame announcement to use up the bazaar keystones. I had almost 500… does it mean that they are just gone and I am the stupid? Put a ticket but got the usual canned answer saying that the bazaar was removed…


PG has yet to answer that question.

We all await with great anticipation the 1:1 conversion of our keystones to Atlas Chests (or the return of the Bazaar).


Ok, thanks Savage for the reply! I think they should let everyone know ingame if currencies are no longer valid in order to use them up. PG did so in the past, e.g., when some of us had the forge thing where you could exchange items for dust. Forgot the name… :smile:


Salvage Shop – but yeah, not many had that… And I do not recall seeing any in-game messages or announcements about this. :man_shrugging:


Double checked on different accounts. There was no announcement, only a reference to the update with a link.


I used up all my keystones when they removed them from prizes and said they are planning to remove the Bazaar from the game.

But I agree that there was no ingame notification of the plans to remove the Bazaar or that players should use them up so it’s a classic PG communication problem again, ball is in their court now (as usual).


We were told multiple times that unused keystones would be given some kind of conversion to atlas chests. Who knows what the conversion is or when it happens. (Or if they changed their mind)


We were told multiple times it was due to consistency. The original plan was to replace gold chests in main game with a bazaar like thing but they said the bazaar wasn’t popular (no idea if that’s true or not or how that was determined) and as a result they would replace it with chests.

What they never did address is how they will replace the free daily stuff. And recently it was rather dissappintly responded to that they may not replace the free aspect at all.

To me it seems a no brainer that the right thing to do is to incorporate some of the nice parts of the bazaar into chests, and add some daily freebie like we have with silver chests but more akin to what we got from the bazaar.

Unfortunately I think communication has been poor and it’s probably going to take more “strong feedback” before we arrive at something more reasonable. Just my feel for it though. All I know is free play folks depended on the free bazaar item. Not sure why we shave pennies off those who need them most.


So @PGDave and @pgEcho have taken away the Bazaar and the free card in favor of chests, but we get no free chest daily.

Makes total sense.



Raised numerous times, radio silence.