Too late to keep Bazaar? Or Please improve Atlas Chests



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The conversion rate has been determined…

X keystones = 0

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My guess it was “not popular” by their data because players didn’t spend enough on it. Once you know there are over 300 decks and only 15 are any good, you start taking the free card every day and waiting.

The chests will. No doubt be more popular because you can’t see what the next 10 will give you. So, you are “forced” to open them… Assuming they start including them in prizes. If not, I have no reason to ever open one.


Do you have a source? I haven’t seen anything yet. I’m certain that atleast ingame there was no communication about this.

I hope you don’t believe this :joy:
(See Savage’s response above)



Mentioned here on forums:


I am pretty sure it was also said in the forums. I’d have to look. But fairly sure it was never said in game.

I actually brought it up in a few line chat groups and was personally annoyed by how little everyone seemed to care.

Now months later when it happens everyone cares.

I’m sure it’s true, but what I’m not sure of is if there was ulterior motives as well. It’s equally likely they simply didn’t want to go the extra mile. But in either case it seems like if they truely want consistency they should make them the same. I fear this could mean losing free bronze and silver chests for “consistency” if we don’t make it known that’s not cool and we need a free atlas chest.

I also think they need the bonus chest to guarantee legendary like it does for gold chests. And it seems like the ability to view what would be in the chest before you hit buy would be a way to give back some of the choice we had for the bazaar while keeping it simple.


Added the forum post where it was mentioned.


Thanks @SavageAFforPG for finding the quote.
I guess that’s a good sign, players can now hope that they didn’t save their keystones for nothing.

@EidolonRM I have a hard time believing the “consistency” claim, they could have thought about that before making that feature. Anyways, we all believe different things and that’s fine.

Also I totally agree with your last part, the current iteration of Atlas chests is a joke and is not consistent with the core game event chests. Those are excellent points that PG needs to deliver unless they enjoy players feeling like they get cheated everytime PG changes things.


Umm remember this?

And the original post @EidolonRM quoted:

Don’t hold your breath


The @Grumpybigbird strikes again!

I do remember that. And now, whatever hope I did have has been reduced 95%.


Just keeping it real… :man_shrugging:


Just bouncing this up again as due to the long list of current issues (with Hutzil being the front runner) I don’t want this one to be buried. I would like to know if there are plans to reimburse the players who lost their keystones without giving any in-game message that they are being taken away. @pgEcho, @pgEggToken


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