Too many ‘resources sent’ notices in team chat

When rss is sent a notice appears in chat. When it is received, a notice appears in team chat. Now consider several teammates sending rss at the same time to meet quest. Team chat too full of rss notices to be able to actually chat with team easily.

Please cancel the rss received notice in team chat.

Try. Using. The. Search. Function.

There’s literally a thread with replies in it from less than a day ago that discuss the SAME THING.


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As Jonesy highlighted this one is an old bone we’ve been chewing on for some time now, so please find it and continue your discussion there.

@moderators, please close this thread.

Your leader can turn them off, but good luck knowing when RSS transfers are going to land, or how many sent RSS to someone when they asked…

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:clap: bye bye :thread:

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It is actually kinda helpful to know that rss have been sent and received 20 min after. Deal with it, that’s all there is to it. Lol :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah…I was in a team that turned RSS notifications off for a few weeks. It resulted in a lot of wasted RSS from multiple people filling the same order, people not knowing when to collect and being raided…etc.