Too Many Routines

Dear PG,

We love that you keep adding and expanding, but I’m spending 10 hours a day during the week, and more on the weekend, just to keep up with all the forced routines. This is not sustainable. Please consider the following:

  1. Flying Primarchs need to fly. Take off from anywhere, and land on any Save Zone, NML, or Alliance Castle. If you can’t give us flying Primarchs, auto pathing needs to be way smarter, including path selection through existing portals, bubbled castles, castles without barricades, AND, one-click request/approve safe passage. It would be nice if we could farm shards from poachers on our own land, but movement way to difficult.

  2. Gold Farming is a huge time sink. Before Seasons, I was running the gold mine ~15 times per day. Now that Seasons has me farming Glory, I’m reviving twice per day, which costs more. I’m finding that 20 gold runs per day are not enough AND boring as f***
    a. We could use some form of Auto-Run on invaders.
    b. Give us a flat 30x multiplier for 20 runs (instead of diminishing returns), or
    c. Reset the 30x multiplier (with diminishing returns) every 12 hours.
    d. Show raidable Gold on the Matchmaking Screen, like food and lumber.
    e. Make Gold harvestable, like food and lumber.
    f. Make troops buildable with food and/or lumber, instead of Gold, which is used for Primarchs, Upkeep and Infrastructure (way to much).

  3. Glory Mechanics need less (preferably zero) weighting from Team Influence. A D1 / Top 10 influence team has a higher average player level than a S3 / top 200 influence team, so the player level mechanic is already an effective deterrent to attacking below a team’s influence. I need to farm Glory for Seasons, but I’m a low-level player on a high-level team, so I waste hours looking for targets, in vain.

  4. Raise the rewards on Infrastructure, and/or lower the points threshold for the next levels. Teams with 6 level 4 castles shouldn’t be “Bronze”. The current returns for increasing infrastructure levels make a level 4 castle almost immeasurably better than a level 2 castle. We’re better off spending the gold on reviving troops, and sandbagging for better Glory.

  5. Infrastructure Management needs a centralized interface. This needs to include the balance and ability to donate and (officer/banker restricted) withdrawal from any bank. The interface needs to include what infrastructure is under construction, and allow speedups. Also, when upkeep is due, marshal duties, etc. Panning around and loading each castle up one at a time, is insane.

  6. Rider Missions I made a whole post on this, but all it really needs, reduce the Mission Times to a flat 6 hours. There are too many constraints to attempt to run missions during prime time (before or after work).


Very well written

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I understand your complaint, however it sounds like the primary deterrent to you attacking below your team’s influence with one of your higher average player level backers IS the team influence weighting. Are you not in essence asking to be able to farm glory from lower influence teams?

If I may, I think the problem you’re describing is being able to hit equivalent/similar levels for individual glory, and the problem the current weighting is trying to solve is deterring high influence teams from collectively farming lower influence teams who’d largely be helpless to prevent it.

I’m not sure how to reconcile the two different problems.

There are plenty of low influence teams filled with higher level players. Low influence doesn’t mean low player level.


I’m not disputing that. Which is more likely to have a higher average or median player level though? A high influence team or lower influence team?

The two extremes are where it breaks down:
lower level players on higher teams
high level players on lower teams

I honestly think this is more of an old problem of heterogeneous team makeup rearing its head again.

Sorry did not read the whole…
But for 2.e. maybe we could convert food/lumber to gold (or like we pay an amount of lumber/food to a corresponding reasonable amount of gold) so that we would not need item 2.f.
Just an alternate idea.

Well team influence should have zero affect on GP when hitting higher lvl players…or GP should scale for everyone. There’s no reason that team #200 should be able to hit Team #199 and gain the same GP as team #10 hitting team #9.

What I’m saying is it can’t be both ways at once, cause it makes more sense to be on a low influence team then a high influence team atm. Rewards are better atm and that doesn’t make sense at all. This just promotes sandbagging.

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All of this! @Atops excellent summary!

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Honestly…this makes way too much sense. So I assume this wont really get the movement it needs haha


Great post @Atops!

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Thank you to @MareZ for this great post: Atlas Badges Cost Breakdown [Springveil Season]

TL:DR - I log in and work 8 hours every day to earn enough Gold to purchase the Season Rewards, that’s not a game, that’s a JOB.

I’ve run my own numbers to determine how much Gold Farming is required for a single Season Branch.
Without Rubies - Defensive Glory Only - Realistic Numbers:

  • Revive = 8000 per day (any more requires speedups and cuts into contributions to Team i.e. tax)
  • Glory = 55% of Troops lost (my current return is 57.8% but targets are getting harder to find)
  • Troops = 620,000 killed for 150,000 Atlas Badges
  • Days = 78 days of Reviving Troops
  • Gold Runs = 936 gold runs (depending on team infrastructure)

Excluding; tax or team contributions, training a Primarch or opening a slot, carry-over gold and losses from being raided.
Assuming; every troop is revived, 100%.

To complete a branch in 78 days, I need to sustain a loss of 24,000 troops every 2-4 days, and to do this, I must solo. I must find a suitable enemy castle, park my Rusher, and pray for the weakest player on their team to attack me. No more team raids. No more team defense. This contradicts several posts that I’ve made personally about “Atlas being about Patience, Teamwork, and Strategy”, but if I work with my team, I hit the revive cap prematurely.

This is all I do in Atlas anymore:

  • Time my gold runs (20 per day).
  • Time my troop revives (2 per day).
  • Time Primarch placement on enemy castles around the timing of shields caused by main events.

WD is no longer an entertaining way to spend leisure time, it’s a Job. A timesheet punching, never take a sick day, monotonous manufacturing line, JOB.

  1. Thinking about trying this on a limited-time basis to see how the community likes it in practice.
  2. pgEcho is considering some of changes (e.g., resetting the multiple more often, etc.). But gold farming is intended to let players who want to grind to gain a meaningful advantage versus those who play more casually. At times, we’ve had it too easy to max out daily gold earnings and grinders broadly complained that they couldn’t get an edge through hard work. The balance here is tricky.
  3. Agreed. The tentative plan is to average the team and player level glory scaling multipliers rather than multiplying them … this will make a huge difference.
  4. 6 level 4 castles could be pretty decent – it really depends on your infrastructure. You can break into silver rewards if you maxed out their infrastructure. That’s not easy to do … but Atlas is a long-term challenge, not one we expect teams to max out quickly.
  5. Agreed. Our lead UI designer is working hard on overhauling the Atlas UIs. This is one of many areas getting attention. It’s a very involved project, but we’ll be rolling out improvements incrementally (no need to wait until everything is improved before sharing!).
  6. Will defer to pgEcho and your main post on this topic.

Regarding 2, I’m on a lowly gold team with Atlas access and we’re unable to overtake a castle to own land at this point. So, we have to keep all of our gold in our pockets and gaining is very slow going. I’m a very grindy player personally, but there just simply isn’t enough gold to go around. When I run down to 5k per poacher/mine, I start blindly raiding other Atlas teams for ? gold. I might go through three dragons on one base to get 50 gold, or even none.

I understand the need to balance gold income, but things are a bit dry right now - especially with the gold/glory heavy events in the Atlas season.


G’day @pgEcho
Run the multiplier up, instead of down.
Diminishing returns is agonizing for the players who want to grind for an advantage.
Start at x20, and raise 1 with each attack to the maximum x30
Hold at x30 until the daily reset.

You will get players who do 50 gold runs in a day, but so what!
It’s better than doing 20 runs and having no reason to log in again until tomorrow.


I like this guy :point_up:


If I understand this correctly, you’re going to half the gold, time and hats, but also half(?) the glory…
WTF is the point of that?

If you’re not reducing the number of Gold Runs, you’re not helping.
We need disposable income to spend on infrastructure, upkeep, Primarchs, etc.

Half the cost of troops in Gold. Please.
Leave the Time, Hats and Glory alone, for now.

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You can give me all the gold in the world, I won’t be able to build more troops if the cap of the hats or the regeneration rate of hats isn’t changed.

At the speed we can lose troops, there simply isn’t be anything left to play with if we are constantly capped.
The only players that can keep playing are the big spenders that burn through tons of troops daily.

It’s the same as if regular players in the core game couldn’t afford food to start attacks with their dragons or a ridiculous cap on health potions to stop us from playing.

Ironically this was exactly why I started this game years ago: There was no constant cap of energy and you could play as long as you like which keeps players engaged.
Why cap us all the time and ruin the fun? Basically Atlas and energy events are just as boring as all the other games out there that constantly ask you to pay or recharge in order to keep going.
That’s one way to turn off players.


please DO NOT do this

all that you would be doing is DEVALUEING all the troops of players that have already spent time and resources to build troops up. You would be halving the value of what those troops are currently worth.

that would piss me off to no end


What about adjusting the starting point and the minimun. E.g., 250k start and scales down to 50k or something. Being a new team without a bank a lot of upgrades are just not feasible with the current gold per run

This x100