Too Many Routines


I love the idea of troops being cheaper (regardless of how many I have already bought at full price).

What I hate is the idea of scaling glory down to compensate for the reduction in troop cost.

As others have said in the past - troops take so much time and effort to build that people are afraid to lose them, which keeps the game more stagnant than I think the majority are happy with.

It’s kind of like boxing… way back in ye olden days, boxers didn’t have gloves. Without gloves, very few punches were actually thrown. Fast forward to today - boxers wear pillows on each hand and throw 40-60 punches per round easy… Since troops cost a fairly significant amount of gold and time, people use them less, and the game is more stagnant. If troops are worthless, people won’t even think about how they’re used… but if we find a happier middle ground, troops will still be used strategically, but also a lot more frequently - and I think that would make the game a lot more exciting.


The goal is to enable players to fight more troop battles. Right now troops are still too dear.

I agree that the tweak I discussed isn’t going to help on this front. I’ve thought of some crazy things (like pricing infrastructure in a different currency so that gold isn’t being pulled in so many directions … but ideas like this come with a ton of drawbacks too).

Budgeting / allocating gold is hard. Hard decisions can be interesting and fun, but I’m skeptical that this one strikes the right balance right now. Needs more thought …


I am level 140. I Don’t have many troubles getting the gold I need. When my multipliers are done I start hitting from the match maker. I can get a couple mil more no problem when needed that way.


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