Too Much Red Zone?

It seems to me that there is just too much red zone now. Players are scattered all over the map and it takes too much time looking for decent targets that offer the glory they are looking for… Yes there is Aligane, but honestly how often have you heard “but it takes me 3 minutes to get there and sometimes I have to wait an hour just to get attacked”.

I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of random player attacks on castles from individual players looking for glory. No doubt team rankings and all the new teams in atlas are impacting how and where players are getting their glory, but why go to a red zone when it is much more time effective just to find a castle with targets that gives you the glory match up you are looking for and just pound on it for a while and keep coming back day after day after day.

I personally stick to the red zones, mostly because I find random attacks on castles irritating and I’m a colour within the lines type person and figured the red zones are there for a reason…

With no penalty for individuals hitting castles for glory over using the red zone, why have a red zone at all?

What is everyone else’s experience and how do you feel about it?


Agree. There are a ton of empty NMLs.

yes, there should be less pvp zone with restriction base on level and free level zone
sometime a level 300 with harbinger just feel like killing someone level 100. although he would get low glory point, the kill/loss ratio of 3:1 makes no sense at all

high level taunter/ delay/debuff/ insane above tier attack for free 100% glory/ politic

I don’t know if there are too many red zones or not - there is just no one in them. Finding pvp targets has been one of the hardest problems in atlas so far. Been sticking with the just the red zones so far as well - don’t want to accidentally hack off another team, but it is a serious struggle to find anything else to hit or that can be hit.
Given I only heard of the existence of Aligane yesterday and its a 20 walk away - are there any other locations like this that are being kept secret? Hopefully a lot closer and without lvl 200 to 400 taunters blocking all the attacks.

I look for something where neutral and NML are close and usually at a transition point close to two or more elements. There are often players of all levels hanging in these neutral zones. If you run into NML from there, someone will usually come in after you and someone else after them and so on.

If there’s a good one near you, list it and invite people. The map is big enough that several could probably develop critical mass if far enough apart. I’m not in game now, but I could add a couple of candidates later.

If there were one place other than Aligane you’d think it’d be the big blobs of NML and neutral land in the neck between the north and south continents. Maybe it’s just too far for too many people without an engraved invitation.

Aside: wouldn’t it be nice if travel time warnings were more helpful? They don’t even seem consistently wrong. If the warning predicts 12 minutes, it seems like sometimes the actual time is 4 minutes, other times 2 minutes.


From Welcome to NML Witoros :) alternative to gp farm Aligane

I’m not sure Umaya’s not :crocodile: welcoming little fishes in with gently smiling jaws, but I’m earnest about this one:

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I think, yes, there are too many NML and the lack of NZ is becoming seriously irritating in the upper parts of the map, but otherwise, I have no issues with the way Atlas functions currently. Why should there be a penalty for individuals hitting castles for glory? Build a stronger fort to dissuade potential attackers, then- why would anyone go for a harder target than necessary?

Idk, NML are so empty waiting at any one for an attack seems stupid and pointless, and I always preferred attacking anyway. Why do you think random attacks on castles are irritating, actually?

But the payers, I mean players, didn’t WANT to be by NZs… they WANTED NMLs :rofl:

Got what you asked for?

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Can’t transfer troops onto a Prime in a NML, so if you hit someone on the far end of the map, and need to recharge, you’re looking at a 20 minute round trip to attack again.

I expect this was an unexpected consequence, that maybe PG should deal with.

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Again, the players WANTED this, so I was told when I complained about the lack of NZs in the expansion area.

So, as with anything, careful what you ask for? They may just give it…

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This is especially annoying in the expansion area. If you think it’s frustrating to have to wait 3 minutes to get to aligane, try 11 minutes (one way). And it isn’t any faster to glory hunt closer to home, because I’m left scrolling through tons of empty NMLs, still have to wait a few minutes to get to the one nml with a lonely Primarch sitting at it, then if I want to reload troops it is a whole trip back home.

We need less NMLs, and safe zones in the expansion area. But PG will try to find out how they can balance the game and they will do the exact opposite, so I doubt this will be changed sadly.

next to aligane, there are neutral zone. you can load troop as well as set home there for resummon

Yes, but it’s still an 11 minute trip (not counting all of the waypoint errors) from home. I move my Primarch and go do other things while it’s moving, but it shouldn’t take so long just to start looking for glory or have to set my home there and then take another 11 minutes to go home if I’m needed at the castle.

The issue with player feedback is it often does not reflect the community.

This is common in many forums for games. It is a matter of the designers and developers to figure it out. Some are better at weeding out the small vocal voices better than others. Some are better than others at understanding their game well enough to make sound decisions.

Because the fort buff means you lose more troops, you have taunters to deal with and run a massive chance of really iritating teams if dive regularly.

I can see why they did so many red zones as it gives teams time to react to teams settling up attacks. It’s not perfect but still.

Besides if you want glory hit up aligane.

Actually, it’s pretty descent like it is… NML is going all over the map, so If you have a castle adjacent to NML, you can just attack any other castle adjacent to NML which make lot more possibilities…!

What and where is Aligane?

Why can’t you attack castles adjacent to NZ, then?

This is aligane. Basically the battle royale of NML

And you can’t even see every primach there unless you load the list