Too Much Timer Tapping

One of the most tedious aspects of the Fort Event is the tap tap tap of timers for speeding up construction. The auto select option is available, but I find that it uses up timer boosts that I’d rather save (48 and 24 hour boosts).
I think a better solution would be an option to be able to choose how many timers of each type you’d like to spend. It would work similarly to the Mystic Egg fragment selector (where you can choose how many to use).
I think this would save time and eliminate the annoying taptap timer tapping.
I hope this idea is considered and implemented!


I see where you’re coming from, but its simply not necessary. Whether you spend 12 (1) hour timers, or 1 (12) hour timer, its the same thing. This has been recommended before. If you really cannot bare to spend your big timers first, you’ll have to do it manually.


This simply makes no sense. If you have some superstitious fetish for keeping your worst timers around for some reason, you might as well be forced to do the tapping as punishment for your sins, imho.


:roll_eyes: Need 7 taps per upgrade now, at least, and you want to make it 10-15 taps? No, thanks.

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Just to unpack this a bit, there is literally nothing* a 48 hour timer can do that 2880 one minute timers cannot also do. On the other hand, there are a lot of situations where having 2880 one minute timers is more helpful than a single 48 hour timer. So, generally, you are better off hoarding the smaller denominations.

*Caveat: I suppose the large denominations are easier for quick, “back of the napkin” calculations on how much time you can accelerate.


How about we convert everything to 1 minute timers and be done with it :rofl:


Before all this, I want PG to apply auto select to forest clearing. :see_no_evil:

I didn’t realize I had added another fetish to my list, but I suppose I have…Huzzah!

Perhaps I’m using my timers ineffectively though. I like saving the big ones for the buildings that take the most time…Either way though, I’d still have to tap tap. Does everyone use the auto function but me? (I feel a bit embarrassed now…)


I’d much rather see the ability to build multiple levels at once. If I have enough rss to build a tower 10 levels, let me set it to build 10 levels in one go.


Maybe a better thought would be to give the option to take a tower to its max level (assuming you have the rss). For example, I start a level 1 flak, and i have plenty of embers and timers.
“Would you like to upgrade to level 140?”

id rather have that option than hitting upgrade 140 times


ooh! That’s a nice idea. But only having it at max levels or 1 level at a time could be problematic as well…what about the ability to upgrade to any level you can reach with your current resources? Or maybe 5 levels at a time?

Anything to reduce the 6x 140 clicks= 840 clicks to upgrade a tower to max level. And this excludes collect wood between upgrades.

In case you are wondering the clicks are:

  1. Click tower
  2. Click upgrade
  3. Hit upgrade button
  4. Click tower
  5. Click autoselect
  6. Click okay

I certainly do, but I doubt you are the only player not to. And if you are, that’s awesome! You are unique and should celebrate that! (I was definitely tempted to do it manually when I first started to play, because auto-selecting uses an extra 1 minute per build, but I quickly decided that I would waste more timer time messing up doing it by hand.)

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  1. Click tower checkmark above tower to complete tower.

Its crazy we all don’t have RSI and carpel tunnel injuries :smiley:


Not another one of these dumb posts that make no sense……time is time. Doesn’t matter if it’s one hour or 4 15mins or 60 1 mins. It’s the same damn thing.


We all have different preferences.

Some people like toilet paper ends to be folded up and some down.

Its ok that somone wants to get rid of low timers first.

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If PG would add a total we likely wouldn’t keep getting these posts.


Somebody certainly living up to their name! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I don’t think that anyone purposely puts up “dumb posts”. It’s simply a lack of knowledge. Things that are blatantly obvious to some are not always obvi. to others.
In this case, idk why I thought it was important to hoard those big timers. Maybe they gave me a feeling of being in control. :woman_shrugging:t4: but after this discussion I’ll try giving them up. Thanks very much for the instruction!
Wish me luck y’all and I wish the same for you :blush:


definitely has to be over the top for one handed operation


I am gonna just say why do we even need timers at all? Why not just have a pool of time.

You have 1 year, 3 months, 12 days, 10 hours and 32 minutes of time.

Forget denominations, forget all that. It’s just like a bank account and you spend what you spend. Get a drop. You add time to the pool. This current system always struck me as a bit weird. You have to break out a calculator just to know what you actually have and that’s just excessive.