Top 10 Community Ideas for 2021 Second Half

Ok, everyone - this is the top 10 from the last thread. This is what I will be presenting to the team. As a reminder, just because it got the most votes does not mean we will work on it (there are a lot of reasons we can’t do things, but I will make sure we try to get some of them done!).

I do not know how long it will take to get a response to these, so have some patience while the team ruminates over the results.

Thanks for all of the ideas, y’all!

Top 10 Community Suggestions

  1. $10 Atlas Elite: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #5 by tinru - 63 Likes

  2. Actually make the treasure hunt period a treasure hunt. Increase drop rates. Add challenges for chests or prizes: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #19 by DiffAlt1 - 60 Likes

  3. Full farmers/hats notification: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #7 by Dumbledore - 56 Likes

  4. MUTE LC BUTTON / HIDE LC BUTTON :stuck_out_tongue:: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #56 by Eff - 52 Likes

  5. Put some other rewards into the 16m in the fortification. After 11m no-body feels it worth to push more for only 10 platinums. : Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #34 by DEMIRCAN - 51 Likes

  6. Break mega alliances in atlas and find new ways of conflict: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #14 by Eff - 51 Likes

  7. Chat option during defense. That could improve the defenses and increase the communication between players in defense: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #35 by DEMIRCAN - 50 Likes

  8. Healing potions are an unnecessary currency that punish activity: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #21 by MrMonopoly1 - 49 Likes

  9. Consolidate consumables. For example make elementals/pearls/Ice/fire all one type of consumable. Remove heals from game and just let all dragons heal instantly. This will help low level players not become frustrated with game. Remove tower ap/hp and just adjust towers to permanently reflect the 30%: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #45 by Haliaetus - 44 Likes

  10. Decrease the gold costs to level the primarchs, or put another currency to level them, like red rider shards. These shards can be obtained in every event and even more from the atlas chests now. Lower level players and the teams who don’t have a lot of castles struggle to find that much of gold: Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements - #27 by DEMIRCAN - 43 Likes


THANKS, @PGGalileo! :green_heart:

Those are some of the ideas / changes I, personally, also would LIKE to see in-game! While I understand, in terms of PRIORITIZATION, those that made the “CUTS” are more likely to be considered, I hope we CAN also extend some consideration &/or attention (perhaps, some other time?) for those ideas that almost &/or barely made the cut, but still are worth checking IMHO! :green_heart:


I’m surprised that power creep (within many facets of this game), did not feature higher.

I look forward to seeing the solutions to the above that get presented by the team.


If possible I’d like to tack an addition onto #7, in addition to the defender chat option it would also be REALLY helpful if the tower levels were displayed for defenders. We can tap on them and see them when we follow during an attack but have to just guess when we’re defending. No one can remember the base layout of 49 teammates

Hopefully we do see some good changes. Im rather surprised though that 8 and 10 got so many votes. I’d have thought something about dealing with event sandbagging would have made the list


Bruh muting lc got #4 wth
Just don’t look at it??


That’s a bit hard when it is the default chat that you see all the time


BUT still I, personally, DON’T think that’s a super major, MAJOR thing (in-game)! I’m NOT super FOND of LC too, but I think that’s more of a PERSONAL control rather than a general concern! BECAUSE there are MORE too that still like & appreciate LC! Again, I’m not ONE of them, to be clear! :green_heart:


No one is forcing those people to disable LC. It’s not like if someone mutes their LC it mutes it for everyone. LC is often extremely toxic and Im really tired of being forced to see the garbage that gets posted there even when the chat menu isnt open. It might not be a top 10 thing but it is something we should have had for a while.

Honestly I was thinking about asking support to ban me from LC just so I wouldnt need to see it… but knowing them they’d mess it up and remove all my chats instead.


Just wondering if #9 could be modified to perhaps make it much more flexible. I do remember seeing an actual trading post suggestion (maybe not in the designated category), but I think that it would be a great way to get the resources you need, while still having to designate and allot different resources to achieve your goals. It also might be easier to code, since PG wouldn’t have to mess with the code of towers. Players would just have to be able to trade a resource for a different resource. During the times when we have the trading post thing in events, there could be special deals whilst still keeping the regular trades.

I know that we aren’t really in the suggesting part of this, but since ZeroDucksGvn suggested a modification to #7, I thought this might be ok.

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I GOT tired a LOOONNG time ago already! I guess, I just GOT used to it & started NOT to care anymore about anything that POPs out in there! Lolss :joy: :green_heart:

HONESTLY, we SHOULD have had THAT “button” or option from DAY 1! Like AS IN literally as PART of the in-game SETTINGS alongside gameplay, graphics, device / in-game notifs, etc.! Sigh :relieved:


When planning a raid or watching for the “an island belonging to…” message in gauntlet, LC can get really annoying because it’s going non-stop making it tough to see new messages your team is actually making. I’d love to temporarily disable it at these times.

Also, it’s kind of like a chat filter. We all know the built in chat filter doesn’t do a great job and there’s a lot of language and talk going on in LC that can be seen as inappropriate and makes sense why some players wouldn’t want to see it or even have it as part of their play experience. (Think if you have kids that like to look at the dragons every now and then).


There has to be a better way to gauge sentiment than having people read and like messages in a 300+ long message post.


Better than nothing though…

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Hence why it is a top 10 item on the likes list

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It actually would have better to have a like/dislike for each item in your summary post.

Since #9 is mine, I would say no to the trading Post. PG has already shown they have no concept of how trading Post should work. The whole idea behind my post is to get rid of consumables so there aren’t 50 different things we need. My idea is more of a long term solution instead of a patch because it also includes not adding new currencies like they did with the orrery and will probably do with the next new tower…


This list cracks me up. There were many changes that would make the player experience better.

Two off the top of my head were reworking silver chests to include runes and glyphs while alternating Offense and Defense drops. Another is removing the ruby/chisel cost to allow a more fluidity for players to adjust offense/defense tactics.

I’m sure if certain people made these suggestions they would have gotten more votes…sad to see that forum popularity is what PG uses to decide changes.

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I’m not popular on the forums and my idea is here🤷‍♂️.


Your suggestion should be number 1.


I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion by itself. Many good suggestions can quite easily get lost in the middle of a long thread due to many not wanting to take the time reading each thing posted.