Top S2 team pushing back to S1 - BlueReapers

Hello dragon-lords! It’s Grac3e here

BlueReapers are currently looking to add 1new member to our ranks as we push our way back up to S1 over the next few weeks. We’re a talkative bunch of strong, fun loving flyers who go the extra mile to make sure our teammates get whatever support they need! Majority of the team has been together for years, so you will get lots of support and guidance. Here are our requirements:

  • Team minimum in all events
  • Complete all daily quests
  • Active Atlas participation (don’t need elite but it does help)
  • 300k minimum troop count (preferably)
  • Level 400+ (ideally 435+)
  • Dependable base
  • 18+ atmosphere

If you’re interested or have questions please send me a private message in game (I’ll respond quicker) (username: Grac3e) and I’ll be happy to assist.

Thank you

Anymore people interested?