Не могу отправить письмо

Курсор не переводится на кому и тема

Вы пробовали отправить билет?
Have you tried sending a ticket?

–Google Translate–

Отправь заявку в саппорт в игре.

Настройки / Помощь, и там кнопка плюс. Опиши там свою проблему.

Ещё можно на телефон другую клавиатуру поставить. Я на андроиде поставил яндексовую, стало гораздо лучше.

P. S.: Форум, большей частью, английский. Задав вопрос на английском, больше шансов получить ответ.

Same problem on the xiaomi mi6, my friend has the exact same problem on xiaomi. Wrote in support, but they were unable to help. Promised to send data to developers. Changed the size of the keyboard on the advice of support, did not help. Changed the keyboard to SwiftKey. Not help.
It took some time and turned out here is how: choose the letter which was written to me. Click “reply” first, you change the subject or do not change. To change the subject, you need to click just below the name. Not on the very field “theme.” Then change the name. And only then write the message. The main thing is not to click on the “to theme”. They are not active and if you press, nothing happens. Turned out after 10 attempts)) Good luck :four_leaf_clover:
the Google translator.

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