Topics are getting closed too quickly

It seems that lately I have not had as much time to spend on the forums. Consequently, there have been a number of fun posts that were closed before I had a chance to add what would undoubtedly have been either the smartest comment of the series or the funniest. Mods, can you please leave the topics open longer that look like they will provide a source of entertainment on these long summer nights while I’m waiting the 36 days for my incubator to finish upgrading?



I’m sorry that you feel like you are missing out on the fun, but that kinda defeat the purpose of having mods…

There’s quite a few topics in the rowdy Off-topic section where you can have fun, or spend time IRL…I heard that game has incredible 3D graphics (though no Dragon and gameplay sucks…)

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I agree with OP. There have been many times I’d like to add something snarky to a topic that already has a solution and got closed. :upside_down_face:


It’s pretty immersive, but full of bugs, and way too pay-to-win. Still, some of the in-game events are fun, and they make it worth playing.


They are closed to prevent this:

I agree with this community you’ve gotta limit trolls, but it’s still unnatural to me how aggressively this forum shuts down conversations. Other places use mods pretty differently.


:smirk: If we cooperate, the topic won’t be closed.

A call for all lurkers to create fun topics :eyes:

still waiting for Kagney :eyes:

@moderators op has his answer, frankly.


As you suggesting we aggressively close the topic then? :rofl:


I actually giggled :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Jared closed out this thread without commenting why. I could envision him rolling his eyes. :rofl:

Limit them to a cute troll only?
Like this?


Off-Topic threads are usually given a bit more leeway, but as a group, we all try to be logical in our reasoning to close threads. This can be whether they expire naturally after there hasn’t been a response in 30 days (which is automatic by the system), or if the original question was answered / has a solution, or if a thread has simply devolved from its original intent. You can always reach out to the moderator team (@moderators) for clarity.

First off, we never “use” mods. These are real, dedicated folks who help Arelyna and I with the Forums out of their willingness to keep this platform an open place for discussions from all players. :slight_smile: Secondly, yes, every Forum will have its own rules and regulations. Ours are posted in the Player Code of Conduct, which is what we base our moderating decisions off of.


So, you are saying this topic should be closed? :rofl:

Lock all the threads and naptime :smiling_imp:


I also kinda vote for less “shut it down immediately after the direct question has been answered”.

Marking the solution and keeping the thread open leads to it being more visible to people, room for others to piggyback related questions or follow-ups, and keeps dialogue in the same thread instead if opening a new one for the same questions.

It also seems less harsh.


You’ve changed Mech…
Edit: Seems you’re quite the influencer as a few seemed to have changed with you :+1:.

This wasn’t closed immediately, I was gladly surprised and almost gave points to the mod team, but it did get closed prematurely due to “off topic” when naysayers were the ones derailing it…

Common sense tends to propogate change I find

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Are you Canadian?

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  • ALL topics should be closed after solution
  • Topics should not be closed
  • Topics should be closed only for time outs
  • Topics should be closed at mod’s discretion
  • Pinned topics should be left open
  • Topics should be closed at op’s discretion

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