Tor and Rune Dust

I hope :crossed_fingers: Thor it’s 50%price reduced ,now coming END season and lots players have no more sigls to give like me .And why whe have 10k rune dust by new money packs ???you give this season lots dragon with lots runes but no runes dust pls make for us really good chance this runes to crafting with 1 milion runes dust to buying with offers prices BiG ThankS

@moderators can we fix the hack job of a title please?

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Who is Thor and exactly how much dust can he run? :thinking:

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Though they could do a better job of relaying info from the stream, it’s been said since November that there’ll be two riders. It is a bit ridiculously delayed, and I pretty much ignored prize redemption until now.

(I forget if it was separately announced directly in the first post elsewhere, though it was discussed in many season threads :see_no_evil:)


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