Total effect from research and boosts

Trying to figure how the various effects are calculated.
Not quite making sense

Using blue mage as an example
I’ve added all the possible buffs

Base boost - 22%
Monument boost - 30%
Tower Research - 30% ( only have the blue tier research)
Rider boost - 111%
Perch dragon boost - 15%

Assume these effects are additive
The final tower HP is still considerably higher than in game

For lvl 125 blue mage
Base HP 295.9m
Total bonus - 308%
Calc HP - 911m
Actual HP - 781m

Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

Math seems fine (actually missing the 8% generic tower HP research).

I thin the boost isn’t included in what you see on your base however, just like the hp boost for dragons isn’t shown in their hp when you add it.

If you add 8% general tower boost, and remove the 52% from base/monument boost, it matches pretty much exactly. (296m + 164% = 781m)


Thanks. That makes sense.
I removed the generic hp boost thinking it would make it even less feasible.

Question now becomes - is the base boost from monument and base boost actually being applied in game?

If so then that blue mage’s HP when attacked should actually be 935m

Anyway to check this?

I guess you’d have to find a friend to hit you, turn on damage numbers, and record the run.

Last point to check

I presume the same applies to bonus from lightning supershots runes and glyphs.

Neither show any change to the displayed damage, including annoyingly the “supershot attack” value

From experience, are they definitely working?

They work yes, and as you said don’t show up on the tower menu.

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