Total lack of support


I spent the sigils early in this season for the 100% bonus to egg missions in Chim’s tree. I am not receiving the bonus, I am only getting the standard payout of egg tokens for a player with a n elite account.
I have sent in multiple help requests for this issue, yet have received no response.
I would like this issue addressed, refunded sigils, and be granted the proper number of tokens.
IGN: Xylani


are you sure you are not receiving it properly?

As far as i know this is what you should be getting if you have bonus and elite:

40 + 40, 80 + 80, 160 + 160
there are people who think that they should receive 80 + 80, 160 + 160, 320 + 320, but breeding event and the chimerak bonus don’t stack.


I just got a reply. PG has identified an issue where the bonus is not working properly.


but still, are you seeing 20 + 20 or 40 + 40?

because 40 + 40 on the first mission should indicate that your boost and elite status is working properly.


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