Total medals counter is broken and support ignores it

I was writing back and forth with support about my total medals counter. Even little kid can do the math and see it’s not working but they are playing dumb. I know it’s not that important part off the game but I love my medals and want this counter to be fixed. From January I wrote them 4 times about it and they just ignore me. This is just last conversation we had . Support is useless!!!

Medal count is not prioritized to be in real-time by the server, so it’s lower on the task queue, and could take longer to update depending on what else is going on in the game. I understand that it’s not ideal for the count to be a little off from what you’d expect from battle-to-battle, but the delay is in favor of performance for more critical information in the game.


lol little longer to update!!! The difference between 27 November and 11 December is enough time to update don’t you think? It’s broken and it’s stealing 250k per week… I did say that I’m aware that this isn’t priority for you but don’t play smart. Fix it

Total medals isn’t broken, weekly medals is for some where it displays too many medals. This is evident right when weekly medals reset.

Red I always do 1.5-2 mill per week!!! If you pay attention on the days left on my elite account you can see those photos are on different weeks, but when you add weekly medals to total medals the math doesn’t work!

I haven’t logged into this account in, hell I don’t even remember. It’s certainly been inactive for more than a week, but look at the weekly medals

Medals are broken for the weekly display for many players. It’ll show you earned far more than you have for those of us with jacked medals.

Really don’t know for others but I know for myself. I do a lot runs per day, for myself and for others… I was hitting milion medals per week since lvl 84 and I’m sure my total medals counter is broken. And it’s broken for long time now. The reason I posted this here is because this is 5 time I’m sending pictures and proff to support and they aren’t doing anything. In my team there are 2 of us growing together since 35 lvl we hit 40 mil at same time… he’s now on 164mil… lol even on one of their responses they said I did 1.4 mil that week but it was showing for me 1.2 on that week

Medals (weekly) have been broken on my accounts since 2015 so it’s not a new thing. I’m it saying you’re 100% wrong, but I’m saying there is a solid chance that the known bug in this instance is the culprit. I’m sure you’re very active and do a lot of runs, but still.

10 dragons * 3 multiplayers that’s 30 runs only for me , and only multiplayers. I do 200-300k per day

Unless you have Atlas, you don’t get 5000 medals every flight if you keep flying the same base lol. Only the first flight awards you 5000 medals. Every additional hit on the same base gives less and less medals and within 3-4 hits you get 0 medals. That is working as intended and that might be the reason you are having issues? :slight_smile:


All my dragons are experts so I don’t hit xp base mate

Honestly - the smartest thing to do would be to check your medals at reset (Monday at 12am GMT) or as soon as you wake up after reset. Screenshot that. If your weekly medals drop to actual 0, then your weekly medals aren’t broken. Easy to check.

Actually just ignore your weekly medal ticker

Look at your total medal ticker.

Do five hundred - one thousand runs on invader.

Look at total runs.

Show results and we will know.

As far as I can tell, everytime someone has come into forums about their “medals” , they were looking at the weekly one, as a starting point - and that’s where the problem lies. Act like it isn’t there, just look at the total medal count.

You will find it matches.

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I m talking about total medals counter not weekly… don’t have beta and that base. But I can take every day photo no problem at all

I’m saying weekly medals is known to be broken, and you’re saying your total medals are broken with the assumption that your weekly medals aren’t.

Screenshot at reset like I said to see if your weekly is broken or not

Fair enough, what I’m saying is “weekly medal count” should be ignored, so if you screenshot every runs end, and manually add those medals from d0’s total count, to dDone’s total count its going to match.

Completely ignore what the “weekly” count says, like it physically wasnt there

Why is it so important? Nobody cares about medal count. Just sayin’.

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. Will try this and see what happens

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