Total Reduction Of Atlas Bonuses after 4.16 Update

I have talked to support and asked in other threads and have gotten no response. It was no where in the notes about bonus reduction in 4.16 or 4.20. Now that being said. Gold reduction is even further then what it says the bonus currently.

And now the last big atlas update PG said they restructured bonuses which was a nice way of saying your reducing them. We have level 9 refineries in our level 4 areas and the amount we get is so little. For a atlas update that is putting a big emphasis on rider gear the reduction is absurd.

So I would at least like a explanation for the reductions.

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I think this was answered in other threads but from the screenshots you provided essentially here is the deal.

Bonus materials including gold have been scaled down at the current levels, but all teams are now able to get more once they upgrade their infrastructure. Basically it’s a net positive once you use the newly available infrastructure levels.

Gold for the landless is exactly the same

Crafting materials for the landless seem to have gone down.

It was essentially rescaled for the new amounts you can get which will be a net gain after some upgrades.

There was issues with the gold buffs not working and I believe they are all supposed to be resolved now.

So your telling me to get our bonuses that we had before we have to use hundreds of millions of gold to get back what we already had.

Secondly, gold bonuses and also xp bonuses have not been fixed at all for my team.

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Yes you need a one time cost to get back the cost in spades for a net increase. An increase in something that pays ongoing.

Seems fair to me. Little bit of work but it’s managable and well worth it.

If you still have bonus issues I’d make sure you have a ticket in for it.

So I can level my castles for free if they were maxed is that what your saying because reducing bonuses and then saying hey we gave you more upgrades but reduced your bonuses until you spend 5 months to get back to what you were at. But it’s for your benefit that we take away bonuses. Why not just keep the bonuses the same and then level up from where they are at now. Makes no sense the way you seem to think this was for us.

It is losing the current for a possible potential that will probably never be realized for most teams. I dont see why you had to lower the current AND push the ceiling higher.

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Exactly why not just increase the ceiling all together.

Or better yet can just change our infrastructure to the equivalent of the new bonuses from what our old ones were. Or as close as pg dems ok with. Because this is not ok and infuriates me every time they do this.

Are there any posts that show what the potential max payout is for each level of infrastructure? Hard to assess whether this change is for the better without more information.

Not sure I would call this a little effort to get teams back to their pre-release state. :see_no_evil:

I’m also curious to see what other changes were not included in the atlas release notes. What makes this overall reduction in bonus hurt even more was that it was not expected…

Max payout for gold is +100%. Max payout multiplier for crafting materials is 10x. Max XP bonus is 70% (was 50% before). Max daily token tribute is 2,111 (was 1,500 before). Max ship build time decrease is -50% (i.e., 2x faster). So max tribute and XP bonuses are ~40% higher, and the other bonus maxes are unchanged. Now that some infrastructure is uncapped, troop-related bonuses like gold and build time can be maxed out even on lower level infrastructure – so everyone can now get max gold and troops even if you start by carving out a section of low level territory to control before moving up in the world as you chase stronger territory and their unique tribute and crafting material bonuses. My mistake for not better communicating how the buffs were changing before the release, but I hope this helps.

Only thing that doesn’t help is why not make it even. You can do the math on how much gold and speeds it took to max out a level 4 land. Why not make everyone even and let us build up to the new max? Instead of reducing bonuses. Also any word on xp gold mine bonuses.

While you’re here can you comment on the thread about no xp bonuses on mines?

The gold bonus was reduced because we wanted to keep the cap the same (for gold, but not tribute or xp), but increase the relative improvement you get from upgrading infrastructure. Given those constraints, the only way to achieve that was to stretch down the gold payouts at earlier levels.

@Peadawg pgEcho is actively working on this with the team – we just talked about it <10min ago. I hope we’re able to resolve it today. Thanks for bearing with us.

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@PGDave @pgEcho seems to be working now

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So you decided to screw the people that could LEAST afford it? You’re one of the very few PG employees that I’ve felt like have a decent pulse on the player base you work for. But I’m doubting that a bit now.

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Yes, thank you!

There is something inherently unfair about reducing the benefit someone already paid for. The promise of more IF we pay an additional cost isn’t comforting. You should constrain changes to fit within existing frameworks so ppl don’t lose something they’re already getting. I mean the goal of each update is improvement isn’t it? Improve the performance, improve the gameplay, improve the income, but overall it’s all about improving the user experience.


Just to clarify…the top end cap did not move at ALL. Basically they just reduced the VALUE of all of the buffs. If they had doubled the maximum limit I could almost see it but they did not. They just simply made it impossible to get there, so given how much effort and amount you need to own, the reward is pretty shit.

Still not sure how PG is justifying lowering our rewards and saying the cap was heightened but we lowered what your level of infrastructure currently gives. Basically saying the timers and gold you spent meant nothing build more and have a good day. Thanks @PGDave. :+1:

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