Total Sigil Cost on Each Card

I think each branch or card for the seasonal dragons/riders etc. should have their total sigil cost somewhere on them, along with how many sigils needed to finish the branch, to make it easier to try and calculate which branches to target first or last or partially.

I.e. a branch costs 39k, it should say that somewhere on the card. When you start spending sigils on that card, the total cost displayed should decrease accordingly (38.9k, 38.7k, etc.)


People tend to make sheets that include these but this would be extremely helpful for beginners. Personally I would also like to see something like X/39000 so you know how far you are/how much is left to finish the branch.


Definitly couldn’t hurt but depends on your play style. I usually calculate cost vs reward on various pages anyway to see what is most beneficial at any given time. Yes this means I complete less branches most likely but I think overall it makes spending sigils far more profitable. If 2k sigils in volt will get me 5 gold chest and a key vs 2k sigils in cosmic getting me 10k electrum 10 gold chests and some rune dust I take the better value deal. Cost vs reward. I waited until this week to get a mythic for that exact reason to see which pages cost the least but had the best pay off in getting those last few keys

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I mean i get all that and do that as well, but sometimes when going for keys it’s hard to tell whether its better to finish the branch you started or to spread out your sigils to get the first key in various branches. Plus I think it would help especially in the end of the season to give players an idea of whether or not it’s worth opening sigil chests to finish a branch or to guve up and save the rubies for next season, that way you don’t waste rubies ^-^ I just think it would be helpful in general, and I cant think of any downside so no real reason to not plop this feature in there lol

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