Totem destroyed = debuff disabled

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used the search function but did not find the answer to my question: When a totem is destroyed, the debuff is disabled? So you should always put it at the end of your base, right? Just to make sure…thanks.

Correct, when it is destroyed, the debuff ends, so make it the last tower the dragon attacks.


Yes, debuff is disabled.
Damn Lutrus, you win

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Inconsistency seems to be the name of this game. Perches don’t lose the buff when destroyed, monuments don’t either but we’ll make sure that totems do.
Some spells work only with base hp or attack while others include research.
Rare Lv event armor is now common Lv despite statements that it would not be so…
Yet here we all are still stuck to our screens lol

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i thought the debuff was lost when the monuments and perches were destroyed as well. this morning i played with the new area of the perches and when the perch is destroyed the bubble is gone…

PGEggToken confirmed buffs persist.

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Those totems… Do they cover and protect the whole base, or just the nearest towers? From the beginning I thought it’s the base, but then somebody told that they are useless, as they protect only nearest. They also need ember, which is used for flaks, but that’s a different story

Totems protect the whole base until they’re destroyed.

Perches can have totem effects, which used to only cover the island their on, but due to the update, now cover 3 islands and persist after death, but that is only for perches.


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