Totem doesn’t seem to be reducing attack damage

Hey all, has anyone else done any testing with their totems??? I got owned by a tiny 400 player with Namaka and I have a 20Bil defense and had a high level ice totem which should have rendered his attack fairly useless. NOTE: My island is short and filled with mythic and exotic runes with best defense rider and fully geared with Elite gear. Getting owned in a war game isn’t an issue but getting owned by a player no where near end game with a dragon that found the attackshould have died on the first island caused me to do some testing. I hit my base with a 422 alt that I have repeatedly with and without the totem and actually found it was a higher attack with the totem than without!!! From all the testing I did it seemed the ice totem actually made the attack better than taking it off my base!!!

I am no expert at running numbers on stats but I know many of you are. I now have a level 50 Ice Totem and want it to do its job. Don’t mind at all getting taken down but prefer it happen with every defensive element working the way they were purported to be designed and the totem doesn’t feel that way at all.

Any ideas greatly appreciated, I opened a ticket with support and got the usual, everything seems fine on our end. Kind of a waste of time opening tickets with them so decided to bring it to the community. Thanks all!!!

if you’re calling 400s tiny I’d like to practice my sanding on you

edit: well that looks like a yes to me :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Yes I expected some responses like this but really looking for players that are knowledgeable and can help assist with what I am seeing.

For the record… I didn’t say 400s. I specifically said 400. I expect better results from 400s over say 430 for sure. Also practicing sanding implies you recognize the need for two dragons. One to lead with sand and one to follow and kill. The 400 took every defense tower with one dragon and he was level 400.

Hope that additional detail discourages the posters not wanting to help and leaves me with those that do!! Thanks again.

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I don’t know for sure about totems - mine seem to help, but that may just be confirmation bias. But at least when it comes to Namaka, if it can kill your red mage, it can one-shot basically any other tower on your base with Cresting Wave.

That can be a serious problem for a microbase, especially if they can hit things right to kill two towers in a shot.

I know with a mid-harbinger, so-so geared Namaka I was able to one-shot 90s with it. And a level 400 can have empyreans. So maybe that’s part of what you’re running into.

what tier was the namaka?

  • if the namaka was emp like Aeana said and had a full maxed set of either elite or mythic gear and boosted. that would pose a very large threat.

also what lvl are your twrs?

  • they may be just below namakas max attack damage. i have the same situation with dreth, as long as his hydrostrike can kill the red mage the rest of the island is gone.
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they are level 92 towers.

I see a totem a lot more often than I see the “(element) damage reduced by X%” message or the damage debuff removed message you get when destroying one. This has always made me wonder if they’re really working.

To get trivial stuff out of the way: The totem buff ends when it is destroyed. You are only looking at damage prior to the destruction of the totem, right? Is there any chance a fire flak supershot or other damage reducing shot hit you in the no-totem flight?

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What level totem? Edit, you have a 50 totem, got it.

Have you taken a ss of the normal breath damage to a tower with and without totem present?

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Totem decreases AP (thus AP based spell as well), but not HP based spell.
Namaka’s invoke shot is HP based + 1 AP worth damage

p.s. I meant AP = damages, not those attack cosmetic.

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Wow, seriously? Think i would have expected it to just flat reduce all incoming damage from a $element dragon. So he’d need to look at regular attacks or cresting wave: not the freeze, not deflecting gale.

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Agreed and my totem is at the end of the base after all the attack towers. Only the farms afterwards.

Also understand. I tested with an alt barely bigger than the player in question and found it was just as easy with the totem as without it if not even a little easier. The 19% debuff was completely unnoticed. Also note, I have all 92s on the first short and the front half on the second long. Totem should have rendered him powerless by having to hide twice on the first island to get through the two red mages preventing him one shot killing towers and the front of the second long should have wiped him out. Again. Max expert elite rider and high level runes Nd glyphs also maxed. It should take the health of at least 435 and above to survive that if the debuff was really weakening the attack.

Two red mages should offset since he can’t kill towers till both 92s are gone.

Hey Lutrus. That’s part of my problem. I am not good at the technical side of it. Just did sample runs both with and without. Took no more to kill a tower with than it did without. I actually got a higher percent with than i did without each time.

Just record an attack with and without a totem, and post it here.

both totems level 3(-2%)
dragon is wind type- top screenshot wind totem
35 is 1.6% of 2,208… probably due to research, id assume the 2% is being reduced from base stat and not overall stat

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