Totems disappointing

Why PG doesn’t want to take out totems? It’s useless,no one of my team build totem. Why not change the totems with useful new towers? Need lots of elemental ember and only to build,but powerful.

While I could agree they have room for improvements they are far from useless.

Using the same resource for flak and totem does seem a bad idea though.

If you spend a small bit you can fairly inexpensively get a decent debuff at level 19…

Totems only really work when you know what element of dragon is coming at you, and many riders negate a portion of what they do. It’s definitely not a set it and forget it thing. They works best when you have multiple and change them based on either what’s coming or the current seasonal threats. And they work best when your base layout is setup to not sacrifice a tower to have one.

A lot of E2P/F2P players won’t get enough out of them to deploy them since the dark flak is far more important.


You could also have a team where no one built a dark flak. That does not mean they are useless…

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Yup,I know how totems works.but I won’t sacrifice a single tower only to have them. There’s to many strong dragons from different elements,guessing which element will raid my base? I will say no,thank you :blush:

A team without dark flak??? Well,good luck :joy:

@playerJ were comments are requested about the awesomeness of totems.

Healing totem, healing each building an amount of health base continuously each 5 seconds. the amount will decided by level of totem

Blacksmith totem, giving 1 special shot after each randomly 5 to 10 seconds with condition that the ammo stock is empty

Dynamite totem, after destroyed 5 random towers explode and does a fix amount of damage base on totem level - also deal a mini damage to surrounding building

Camouflage totem, hidding health bar for a certain of time after dragon turn to the island. while in this time, towers will appear to be acting normally even after it is destroy (but actually they do nothing)

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