Totems for Dragons

Is there a guide for totems to use on which dragons?

I have done a quick search (google is our friend) and I couldn’t find anything recent, not even on the forums. Here is a video that includes them, but from last year.

Basically totems are against dragons, and you can have 1 on your entire base.

I am not a totem expert, never really bothered building one, but I think :point_up_2: these :point_up_2: can give you the general idea about them.

We had amazing multicolored totem guide from Player J on old forums. Sadly PG hired him*** and he doesn’t post anymore.

***Probably not but I want it to be true


Basically, no guide, just match the totem’s element to the dragon’s element. If you’re worried about Pathox, for example, you’d want a wind totem, because he’s a wind dragon.

…also, it’s worth noting that the resistance bonus from your perch and the bonus from your totem don’t stack. So if you have an X element dragon on your perch, you probably want a Y element totem.


So, from all of this the OP should understand, put the totem all the way back against your home island so the dragon has to complete almost all of your base before it can destroy the totem and thus loss of the debuff.

Use a different totem than that of the dragon on your perch, if you have one.

Usually one puts a totem up to work against a specific elemental dragon(s) they see hitting their base. Considering the resources it takes to level a totem, that there are 5 of them and you can only use 1 on your base, I wouldn’t bother. There are enough dragons of type available to use, that is different than any totem you choose, so it’s an easy work around, Choose a tower (shorthand for tower, turret, flak, or mage) that under worse case a dragon may have a 70% resist against.

You have proof of that? Because as I understand it, they additively stack.

I still havnt built one… ain’t got no time for all them embers :roll_eyes:

I need them for my flaks :joy:

I could be wrong. I’ve been using the WD official blog as my source for that, but perhaps it’s changed since then?

Specifically, this statement:

  • Perch’s island is protected (reduced damage) from dragons with the same element as the perch dragon. This elemental resist does not stack with totems. For example, if you have an Ice Totem to protect your base from Ice Elemental dragons, placing a dragon onto a perch that also reduces Ice Elemental damage will not result in an additional percent resisted.

Relevant page linked below:

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